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Weekly Horoscopes for December 26-January 2, 2017

Some of the technology issues you have been having since this summer will straighten out and you may find some new ways of getting things done faster. You may have a calling to mentor someone younger than you or at least feel compelled to give them your best advice
You may be feeling more confident now and you should use that energy to make moves in your career plans. You will be able to put your best face forward. Save your kind words for your romantic partner; they need your loving touch and to know that they are number one
You may feel like communicating with everyone and telling them what you know, but think twice and keep your juiciest gossip for those that you know you can trust. Don’t make any rash judgments if you lover doesn’t seem in the mood; everyone gets tired sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they are tired of you
Be more careful with your personal information; you never know who may want to know more about you than you would like to reveal. Stay …

Weekly Horoscopes for December 19- 25, 2016

It’s Going to be a Busy Week!
Mercury goes Retrograde Monday December 19th
Winter Solstice Tuesday December 21st
December 25th Christmas Day
December 25th Hanukkah Begins
Your focus needs to remain on your loved ones and love life. The outside world can wait even if it’s trying to crash through your door; whatever is out there can wait until you’ve taken care of personal business. If you don’t have enough money, or forgot until the last moment to buy a gift for someone special, make a list of ten things you love about them. Words can be better gifts than gold
If you are trying to market a new business idea try to show rather than tell. Words will not convey your message the way a picture or demonstration will. Stay still and be patient when a lover or family lets loose with angry words; just smile and let them get it all out. After they are done the tears will flow and the truth will surface
Major advances in your job and career areas will be amazing, just be sure to make so…

Full Moon in Gemini December 13, 2016

This full moon is going to be very emotional for an air sign. The two sides of Gemini, the sign of the twins, will pull us both ways between our feelings and rational thinking. The upcoming holidays are stressful, but also joyful as we look forward to seeing some family and friends and dread seeing others. Whatever area this hits our natal chart we may feel torn in two and be forced to integrate our left and right brain thinking; no easy task.
There will be a lot of communication, and with Mercury (ruled by Gemini), the messenger planet, retrograde right around the corner on the 19th the past will be highlighted. It is possible that we will hear from or reach out to people that we have lost touch with or cut out of our lives previously. These connections will add to the push/pull energy of the season. We need to be careful with our words and reactions because the emotion of the moon and the confusion of the two sides of Gemini, especially in retrograde motion can leave us tongue tied o…

Weekly Horoscopes for December 12- 18, 2016

Making your mark on the world may be your goal these days, but it is very important that you focus on your home life and family foundation for the next few weeks. Solving the problems there will free up the energy for your worldly ambitions. Keep the communication flowing between you and your lover this week; your words and encouragement mean more to them than you know
Trying to please everyone will not work; what you do to make some people happy will only cause resentment in others. Do what pleases you first and your natural energy will even out the imbalances in your other relationships. If someone doesn’t notice you the way you’d like them to don’t be discouraged; they may have their own problems to deal with and they will catch up with you as soon as they can
A flood of emotion may accompany this full moon in your sign. Let yourself express this feeling; that is the key to integrating your two halves and creating balance in your life. Don’t get involved in any love …

Seven Tips for Moving on From a Breakup

We all go through personal changes and those detours can lead to needing to change the people in our lives; and sometimes they feel that they need to change and decide that we are not what they want anymore. Either way it is painful to separate, but that doesn’t mean that life is over, its means it’s going to get better.

1.Be grateful for the chance to improve your future. If something or someone is not right for us it drains our potential. Your best life is on the way, but give yourself time to recharge.
2.Look forward to the next person coming into your life. After a few bad relationships we get to know ourselves and patterns better. Knowing who you are and how you deal with others will help you connect to right energy for this time in your life.
3.Be grateful for your breath and realize that the stagnant energy you have been taking in will clear. Better breathing means better health so inhale the new and exhale the old.
4.Clear your space of objects that remind you of your ex. Objects …

Weekly Horoscopes for November 21- 27, 2016

This week may be rough at work, so set aside some time for meditation. Other peoples’ tempers can cause tension in the field or office and it may be hard to avoid the bad vibes. A friend may try to get between you and your lover out of jealousy over you; be flattered but make clear boundaries
Be honest with any potential employers about your work history if you are applying for a new job. You may be surprised at how issues that you thought would make you look bad will actually help you get your foot in the door. Don’t be afraid of “relationship” talks with your partner; this one has new information that will make you feel secure
Playing games may be fun for a while, but they won’t get you the person you want most. You will have to be straightforward, and, yes, vulnerable to get to their heart. Make travel plans this week to get the best deals and accommodations possible
You have always had the ability to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, but t…

Weekly Horoscopes for November 14-20, 2016

Aries It’s going to take a lot of give and take in order to get along with in-laws at this time, but the rewards will be worth it in the end. You all love the same people even if you disagree about everything else. You good taste can be used to make extra income as a personal shopper or wardrobe specialists. You have the eye and the time and other people have the cash and the need for your skills.
Taurus The full moon in your sign will undoubtedly let you know in your gut exactly what you have been missing.  A strong feeling towards someone you left behind will give you the sense of direction you need to make the home you really want. It’s time to look over your financial portfolio and see what you have and use this time to expand your holdings
Gemini If someone tries to convince you that you don’t deserve some of the blessings in your life you should let that be the last thing they say to you. Jealous people may want you to feel guilty for your good fortune, but that is just a way o…

Full moon in Taurus Monday November 14, 2016

The energy of the sun and moon are quite stable in this upcoming full moon, and somewhat quiet. This stillness of body (Taurus) and the psychic realms (Scorpio) give us a moment when physical reality stops and rests. While the other planets are very busy; the mind’s wanderings (Mercury in Sagittarius) have a chance to catch up to the truth. Venus in Capricorn is longing to know how to wisely invest (Capricorn) our hearts (Venus) and along with Pluto (passion). Jupiter in Libra wants to expand our horizons (Jupiter) through the power of partnerships (Libra). So we have a lot to think, feel and express at this time. The feelings the Taurus Full Moon compel us to recognize may be a bit overwhelming in a quiet way. The sense of knowing that the body has will free our minds, so we may need to take some time out in solitude to adjust and get back in balance with ourselves.
This energy will let us know, definitely, whom and what we desire and what we don’t. This is where we make decisions th…

Venus in Capricorn November 11-Decemeber 7, 2016

Venus’ energy represents whom and what we like, as well as our relationship to money. Venus in Capricorn (the sign of conservatism and authority) is not stingy, but discerning. Those with this placement are often described as cold and selfish, nothing could be farther from the truth. These natives have an air of responsibility about them to make others feel comfortable in one sense, but are sometimes referred to as “intimidating” or “unapproachable” when it comes to dating, but once they feel comfortable with someone they will open up generously.
Venus in Capricorn is all about “investments”; if giving will not help anyone or end up in any kind of value then it’s just a drain. If there is a cause or purpose that will be productive, then it will interest these natives. Women with this placement often have issues in our society-the urge to get ahead- to the mountaintop- can be frustrating and resented, but the natural attractiveness of these natives makes them noticed and they usually ha…

Mars enters Aquarius

Mars enters Aquarius November 9, 2016 and will stay there until December 19th. Aquarius is the natural 11th house of the zodiac representing groups of people, acquaintances, and social causes. If you are an Aquarian sun, moon or ascendant sign this transit will raise your social and romantic profile. You may be more popular than you expect, so plan to use your calendar to keep track of all of your plans. This can also get you fired up in business or a new social cause where you are networking with new groups. Your desire for what you want will expand,, but don’t lay all of your eggs in one basket, for your ruling planet, Uranus may have something new in store for you!
For everyone else, depending on your personal natal points and planets, this transit will really fire up the already volatile socio-political landscape. We are already seeing social unrest in many parts of the world and the results of the presidential election will definitely add to this. Fighting for social change and in…

Weekly Horoscopes for November 7-13, 2016

Aries Challenges at work may seem insurmountable, but they are actually opportunities to get you on the right track. Don’t worry about tacking everything all at once, or be concerned with perfection, just do your best and others will quickly take notice. If you aren’t sure how to get your partner’s attention try candlelight; you can’t go wrong
Taurus Be aware that your smile says more than any words you could come up with; so instead of using a cheesy pick up line try flashing your pearly whites instead, you can’t go wrong. You may be surprised at the lovely reaction you get. Pay extra attention to financial documents this week; a fire safe or other heavy duty container will keep you organized and protected
Gemini Playing the role of matchmaker can be a lot of fun, but don’t push people together too quickly; you don’t want to get blamed if things don’t work out. Real estate transactions can be tricky at this time so check all details. A bike or jogging path may turn out to be the bes…

Weekly Horoscopes for October 31-November 6, 2016

Aries Mark your territory this week in love and business. There are unfamiliar faces breezing through right now and you want to let everyone know that you are in charge of your own space and won’t allow anyone to interfere in your relationships. An interview or contest will go well if you relax and be yourself
Taurus Kicking bad habits is the key to finding more time and energy in your life. Those dollars add up for the double lattes and lottery tickets; create the space you need for your own serenity. Pay special attention to work relationships this week; you will need these people so try to treat everyone fairly
Gemini Stay your course for now, you may be regretting some risks you took in the past, but give them proper time to develop before changing plans in your career. Mark your calendar to spend some quality time with your romantic partner; it’s time to put them in focus for a while
Cancer Booking travel plans now may be a problem if you don’t check the weather first. Make sure…

Weekly Horoscopes for October 24-30, 2016

Aries An intense argument with a close friend or lover may be hurtful at first, but it is the key to awakening. After the dust settles, a new understanding between you will bring you closer than ever. Be wary of any deals that “seem too good to be true” because they probably are and you don’t want to get involved
Taurus If you’ve been a little confused as to whom to trust lately, you won’t have to wonder for long. You will see this week who has your back and who doesn’t and you will be able to make the necessary adjustments in your life so that you will feel secure again. Give an extra dollar or two to a good cause at this time; don’t think of it as charity, think of it as an investment in the world around you
Gemini You may feel speechless this week when overcome by emotions of the past. It’s times to clean out all of the pipes that have been clogged for far too long. Memories and people from the past will float to the surface. While uncomfortable at first, the release will be amazi…

Weekly Horoscopes for October 17-23, 2016

Aries A short trip may be exactly what you need this week; try to bring along someone that you are trying to get to know. This is a great time to get closer to someone whether it is platonic or romantic in nature. Be wary of any investment opportunities presented by family members. Even if it is good idea, its never a good idea to mix money with your relatives
Taurus You are feeling stronger and more confident right now so use this energy to make a move in your social life.  You can get invited to those great weekend parties if you step up and let yourself be known. Stay alert for any strange charges or mistakes on your credit card. If you catch it in time there will be no problem
Gemini You may be happy to hear from an old friend this week, but stop and remember why you haven’t talked to them in so long. Make sure you put up some boundaries so the same old situation doesn’t recur. Make a list of all of the things that you need to fix or replace in your home. If you are prepared it w…

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Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Aries October 15, 2016

The full moon is the fullest expression of lunar energies; it signifies the need to release what no longer is nurturing us. The abundance of emotional energies impact us in the most intimate of ways in our personal lives.  In the horoscope the moon represents mother, families, house and home, sleeping, eating, feeling. This full moon in Aries is what I would describe as loaded, like a weapon; it’s got a lot of tension held behind it and powerful placements from other planets, especially Uranus which represents “awakenings”, but also unforeseen upsets, shocking incidents and separations. So we may see the truth about our lives play out over this weekend. What exactly are we doing for ourselves and for others and is the balance working?
There is the chance with these particular energies to balance between what “I want” and “I am” of the full moon and Uranus in Aries, and the “we want” and “we are” energies from Mercury and Jupiter in Libra in opposition. Aries is the first sign of the …

Weekly Horoscopes for October 3- 9, 2016

Aries Be calm in all of your dealings this week, especially at work. It is all too easy to say something that you might regret in a moment of frustration, and even though what you say may be true, the hard feelings it creates will not be worth it. You may feel like your romantic partner is shutting you out of their thoughts this week; they are just really tired and in need of some rest; use your nurturing skills to bring them back in balance
Taurus Competition and jealousy at work can make you want to stay in bed during this work week, but you can always take this drama as a huge compliment. You are the one to watch and the one to beat, so just try and enjoy your status in the office even if others can’t stand it. Be extra mindful with romantic communications; it’s very easy to misspeak and cause unnecessary drama
Gemini Be sure that you really want to get involved in the next fad that your social circle is into. It’s just that you should really save your money and energy for somethi…

Weekly horoscopes for Monday September 19-25, 2016

Aries A practical joke may inspire your wrath at work; there is no time to waste these days, but this is an opportunity for you to bond with coworkers, so try to be a good sport. Lat low if your lover is fighting with relatives; you don’t want to get involved with this round of family drama
Taurus You may have to share your time with strangers this week when unexpected guests arrive and you have to rearrange your usual social routine. Try to be a gracious host, but don’t allow anyone to violate your boundaries.  A lunch date can turn into a romantic afternoon if you are open to the energies
Gemini Sports related injuries are likely if you don’t take special care this week. When playing your favorite game or athletic hobby take the extra time to make sure that your protective gear is appropriate - don’t forget your yoga mat. Be receptive to your lover’s plans for the future; you may not agree with everything but at least you know they want you around for the long haul
Cancer Possessiv…

Questions for the Full Moon in Pisces/Eclipse September 16, 2016

This full moon/eclipse may show us what we need to let go of in our lives. What are we holding on to that is bringing negativity and stagnation? The Virgo sun has been showing us where we are impractical or doing something that is not in our own best interests. The Pisces moon will highlight where we are too hard on ourselves and need to bring compassion into our hearts.
 Here are a few questions to meditate on based on how this lands in your personal natal chart as to how this energy will play out by house and sign:
1st/Aries- Are you pulling off an act or being authentic in the way you come across to others? Are you attracting from the opposite seventh house (partners and others) the kind of relationships you want to have?
2nd/Taurus  Are your possessions holding you back? Do you have too much or too little? Whom or what are you dependent on for your sense of self esteem and sense of personal security?
3rd/Gemini Is your mind clear, or are you being fed misinformation or made ill b…

Weekly Horoscopes for September 5-11, 2016

Aries Unexpected guests can be a real problem if you are not prepared. Make sure you have whatever you need to accommodate the visitors so that the important reason for their visit isn’t lost in confusion. Make plans for some alone time with your partner so that you can catch up with each other
Taurus Communications with family may be a little wobbly today as the week progresses. It may be difficult to understand the messages they are trying convey because there is an emotional component to that is not obvious. Do your best to be supportive. A cash windfall will get you back on track; just try to resist the temptation to buy something that you really don’t need at the moment
Gemini Give an extra thought when sending birthday wishes to family and friends. You can sometimes lose touch with others and these special moments will go a long way in keeping your connections strong. Be wary of anyone offering anything that is too good to be true; this week the decepticons are out in full forc…