Weekly horoscopes for Monday September 19-25, 2016

A practical joke may inspire your wrath at work; there is no time to waste these days, but this is an opportunity for you to bond with coworkers, so try to be a good sport. Lat low if your lover is fighting with relatives; you don’t want to get involved with this round of family drama

You may have to share your time with strangers this week when unexpected guests arrive and you have to rearrange your usual social routine. Try to be a gracious host, but don’t allow anyone to violate your boundaries.  A lunch date can turn into a romantic afternoon if you are open to the energies

Sports related injuries are likely if you don’t take special care this week. When playing your favorite game or athletic hobby take the extra time to make sure that your protective gear is appropriate - don’t forget your yoga mat. Be receptive to your lover’s plans for the future; you may not agree with everything but at least you know they want you around for the long haul

Possessiveness over a younger family members’ future may stem from a fear of abandonment. So if relatives are being controlling they are just afraid of being left behind. Enjoy dinner plans this week, but expect that an old flame may be in town and it will be hard to avoid them when out on the town

Make career moves now to avoid any anxiety you may have about the future. If you have a plan to get ahead in the works now is the time to take action. Your pride may prevent you from seeing how much you really care for an ex lover. Explore those feelings to make sure that there isn’t anything left in your heart for this person so that you can reconnect or move on without the emotional baggage

Put things away back in their proper place, so that you don’t lose track of important items especially tools and paperwork this week. An unexpected family situation may put a damper on romantic plans. Be sure to reschedule with your partner and promise to make it up to them

 The barter system is the best way to get things done, so instead of exchanging dollars back and forth work out a trade with a coworker or neighbor for minor repairs and services. You have the green light o go ahead and make your feelings known for an attractive person; just make a move soon before someone else does

Don’t bark orders at anyone, but then again don’t back down either when you have to refuse someone else’s demands, try to keep a balance even in conflicts so that you can spend energy on things that really matter to you. Make sure that you put any unexpected earnings in a savings account so you have some cushion for the long, cold winter

Make room for someone new in your life. You may feel like you don’t have enough space for yourself but, but you will be surprised at what you can sacrifice for the right person. Don’t miss any opportunities by being late for work or skipping company meetings; you never know what may be offered

Flowers are nice, but a personal gift makes a statement that you are paying attention, and willing to go out of your way to show that you care. So take the time to shop for the perfect item when sending a thank you to a potential employer or client. Don’t settle for less than you’ve been promised in romantic relationships this week; if you do you may be setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment- make your needs known now

Doubting the positive potential of the future is usually not your style, but a patch of black clouds may have you nay saying this week. Make sure that you don’t miss any career or romantic opportunities because of a bad experience in the past. Pay extra attention to any financial statements this week; you could find a mistake that could be in your favor


Fortune smiles on you, but you have to spread the blessings around to get the most out of it. Share any windfalls with the people closest to you; not only will you receive a lot of goodwill in exchange, it will smooth over any problems with your inner circle. Don’t be shy when offered an opportunity to show your skills; you have a lot to offer and now is your time to show everyone what you can do


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