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Weekly Horoscopes for August 1-6, 2016

It’s time to launch into the next level on your career path, but be sure that you gauge your take off just right. If you aim too low you could be stuck for a while, but if you aim too high you could take a fall that takes the wind out of your confidence
Taurus Make it a great time for everyone involved during a friendly gathering by reining in any comments that can affect the mood. You care too much, but sometimes your wit can leave your loved ones feeling exposed, so find a better time to show your concern. Your love life may get a boost, but you have to have the energy to respond, so get plenty of rest instead of burning the midnight oil at work
Gemini Be mindful of the situation when you see someone you want this week. It’s okay to plan how you are going to make this person yours, but now is not the time to rush blindly into a new love affair. Find out who they are before you find your approach
Cancer Believe in yourself even if everyone in your life seems to be telling you …

Weekly Horoscopes for July 25-31, 2016

Aries The stiff competition that you have this week just gives you the green light to pull out all of the stops and be the best you that you can be without caring if it bothers anyone else.
Taurus You are strong and you can get through this difficult time, but you may have to change your mind about some things. You can be very stubborn and fiercely loyal sometimes, and it usually serves you well, but this time, try to be flexible. An extra bonus or dividend should be tucked away so that you are not tempted to give it to someone who won’t appreciate it
Gemini You will have to pick a side this week when two or more of your friends start to argue. Staying neutral will not be an option as your values are at stake and so is your reputation. Be open to a new flirtation; try to see beyond the uniform this person wears because there is a lot more going on besides their occupation
Cancer Check that all of the seal on your windows and doors are intact; bad weather and dampness are a threat to …

Weekly Horoscopes for July 4-10, 2016

Aries You can feel the electricity in the air, and even though you deserve to break free from the grind, its best to wait until next week to make any moves towards the achievements and relationships that you desire. It’s better to study your target so you are sure not to miss next week. Take what co-workers say with a grain of salt; you have them running scared and they will try to intimidate you and knock you off balance if possible
Taurus It’s best to stand on the sidelines this week and let others take the lead when it comes to important business projects. Your input will be appreciated, but you will fare better if you pick where everyone else leaves off next week when all of their energy is exhausted.  Your love life will get a pickup in energy; just try not to exhaust yourself in the bedroom so that you can keep up steady stamina
Gemini Your regular on-the-go routine may have to be on standby this week as you will need to attend to matters around the home. Your love interest or…