Weekly Horoscopes for August 1-6, 2016


It’s time to launch into the next level on your career path, but be sure that you gauge your take off just right. If you aim too low you could be stuck for a while, but if you aim too high you could take a fall that takes the wind out of your confidence

Make it a great time for everyone involved during a friendly gathering by reining in any comments that can affect the mood. You care too much, but sometimes your wit can leave your loved ones feeling exposed, so find a better time to show your concern. Your love life may get a boost, but you have to have the energy to respond, so get plenty of rest instead of burning the midnight oil at work

Be mindful of the situation when you see someone you want this week. It’s okay to plan how you are going to make this person yours, but now is not the time to rush blindly into a new love affair. Find out who they are before you find your approach

Believe in yourself even if everyone in your life seems to be telling you that you are wrong. It’s just that they can’t see into the human heart the way that you can; so stick with what you know. Be polite to strangers this week; one of them may be the key to your future advancement at work. Keep your eyes open because they may not be easy to spot at first

The thrilling way that your heart used to beat when you and your lover first met can be yours again if you set the stage right. Make an effort to remember your partners favorites; don’t worry about spending a lot unless you have the cash on hand, the thought is enough to do the trick

Spending your time with loved ones can be a real treat and a break from your everyday grind, but also consider the flip side before you make plans for any extended visits. Family can bring out the best and the worst in everyone so don’t overestimate how long the peace will last. Your income may increase but you must understand that so will your expenses when it comes to managing it

You get one more chance to reach out to that old flame before they make a commitment to someone else so act now and you are sure to get what you want. Before you volunteer for more responsibility at work consider whether or not you really want to take on more right now. Think about it for a week or so before committing

Play nice with strangers this week because they will be your biggest issue. You may find that hot issues cool down when it comes to close friends and family, but people unknown to you may try to pick a fight. Don’t give them what they want and stay cool. Bring a shovel if you go to the beach. There is no telling what you may find just beneath the surface

Give your loved ones a gift by honoring yourself for a change. Sometimes to weight you carry for others becomes a burden and the people you love are so dependent that they can’t see when you need a break. Make time for yourself and have a great day off; you can delegate responsibility to others and for once they will likely comply

Stay close to familiar territory this week; venturing too far out of your comfort zone can lead to strange encounters.  You want to be in a place where you don’t have to rely on strangers for help. You may need to show a little more enthusiasm when it comes your love life; the signals that you are giving off are not what is in your heart-yes, you have to say the words

Your allegiance to groups can be the downfall of your current relationship if you don’t find a reasonable balance. Consider who or what you value for the future so that you can out the appropriate emphasis on that area of your life. Make sure that you are getting paid what you are worth at work; undervaluing your skills is worse that over inflating

Your dreams may seem more strange than usual, but if you look at them as a whole you will find the key to unlocking the subconscious message they are sending you. Don’t be shy about letting others in on your secrets, especially if they help others; you will be amazed at what you can affect. Don’t push the limits of your budget this week; that item you have your eye on will still be there next week when it is a more reasonable purchase


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