Weekly Horoscopes for July 25-31, 2016

The stiff competition that you have this week just gives you the green light to pull out all of the stops and be the best you that you can be without caring if it bothers anyone else.

You are strong and you can get through this difficult time, but you may have to change your mind about some things. You can be very stubborn and fiercely loyal sometimes, and it usually serves you well, but this time, try to be flexible. An extra bonus or dividend should be tucked away so that you are not tempted to give it to someone who won’t appreciate it

You will have to pick a side this week when two or more of your friends start to argue. Staying neutral will not be an option as your values are at stake and so is your reputation. Be open to a new flirtation; try to see beyond the uniform this person wears because there is a lot more going on besides their occupation

Check that all of the seal on your windows and doors are intact; bad weather and dampness are a threat to your property, so attend to household matters now. You may have to choose between two potential dates this week! Don’t get wishy washy and go with the choice that makes you happy and not the one that saves someone else’s feelings

You may not like what some of your siblings or childhood friends are doing these days, but you just have to take a deep breath and allow them to make their own mistakes.  Just be there for them, within reason, when their plans come tumbling down. Make room in your schedule for romance this week; your partner may be questioning the state of your relationship and you don’t need the stress

Make a list of all the improvements that you would like to make around your home this week. If you get a list made you can pick off all your chores one by one. Be open to compromise; you hold all of the power in your relationships and that can cause resentment. Know when to give in

Don’t try to make sense of the current turbulence in your relationship these days; you won’t be able to wrap your head or heart around it. Just try to weather the storm and the situation will be clearer and your will have more control next week

Make sure that you are open to others this week, especially those in distress. You will have an opportunity to be effective, and you never know who is watching.  Romantic turmoil can cause a lot of stress on the body and mind. Find time for strenuous exercise to keep steady

This is not the time to meddle in the affairs of others; though you mean well, it will not be appreciated. Be punctual for interviews and try to make the best impression you can-your future may be at stake. Give a second thought to someone that doesn’t seem like your usual type. Appearances can be deceiving

Change is scary, but so is staying stuck at the bottom, so when opportunity knocks you should open the door, even if it is with shaking hands. Don’t confuse love and lust this week when an old flame comes burning bright back into your life

Be open to alternatives if your exact wishes are not coming true. Sometimes the “next best thing” is really the best after all. Your incomes may improve but you will still have to deal with past debt. Make a plan and stick to it; it is possible to live well and be responsible at the same time

Put your best self forward this week; you can get that promotion despite the odds if you have a positive mindset. Don’t spend time with people that bring you down, it will affect your outcome. Be sure that you are noticing all the wonderful things your partner is doing for you; it’s easy to overlook and take these things for granted


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