Weekly Horoscopes for February 27- March 5, 2017


Take time to please you this week instead of everyone else. There is no reason to push past your limits for the rest of humanity when you need some comfort too. Let the young people in your life know that they are valued


Be sure to smile this week because you will be getting a lot of attention. It’s your chance to show everyone what you’ve got to offer, so look your best, and try to keep a good attitude.  Make sure to be extra careful when playing sports this week


Stay true to your own opinions this week as there will be plenty of folks trying to influence you. Keep your money and support tucked away from anyone you feel is trying too hard to persuade you. You may want to make travel plans for the near future and it’s a good idea, just be sure that you pick the right companions for your journey


There are no shortcuts or free lunches in this world, so if someone offers you something for nothing, think twice, there is always a catch. Don’t accept unwanted criticism from a family member this week, just tell them you hear them, you love them, and that you are fine just the way that you are


A fresh perspective may be all that you need when it comes to your job situation. Tell your troubles to be a trusted friend and see what they say. They know you well and may be able to help sort things out. Put your heart first when looking for romance; trying to find the partner with the biggest bank account will not bring happiness


New partners and trusteed friends will come into your life this week, or may realize that someone you already know can help you in business. You will be able to accomplish more with the help. Make a pledge to be more true to your own thoughts and not those of your social crowd; journaling can help you


Small gestures of kindness can go a long way this week when dealing with difficult people. Use your senses to know what people really want and give it to them in a way that doesn’t cost you too much. Be grateful for the love you have in your life before you go looking for more; an appreciation for what you have may allow you to see how valuable your loved ones are


Try to keep you head on straight even if you are feeling heartbreak this week. You may realize it’s time to make some cuts in your life, but you must be the one to wield the knife. Know that freeing up your energy from those that drain you will be what’s best overall


You may need to mark your territory this week because someone wants what you have. It may be your career position, your lover, etc. You have good taste, just build strong boundaries, and enjoy whom and what you have


You may want to make a change in your relationship style. If you are usually attracted to people that feed off your energy you may notice that you are suddenly attracted to someone that gives you energy. If you are making an investment this week, make sure that you keep it to yourself, there may be saboteurs listening


You may be feeling your vitality coming back to you this week, but be sure to do what is necessary to keep it that way; a few vitamins and well-thought out meals can make a difference. When cash comes, use it to prepare for your future, a few investments can a big difference later


 A new attitude and a few new pieces in your wardrobe can do wonders for every part of your life. Treat yourself well.  Work issues may have you coming home late this week, so prepare some meals ahead so that you can stay on top of your health and housework routines


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