Weekly Horoscopes for February 20-26, 2017


Stay close to home this week if you can; unexpected events can occur at your residence and it will be better if you have control. Be wary of admiring strangers this week; they may not be as harmless as they look


Make your needs known at home this week, your space is sacred. Try not to blame others for your career issues right now; even if they have some degree of responsibility it won’t get better by complaining


Set your intentions now for the new moon/solar eclipse on the 26th. You have a chance to start a new cycle of abundance if you don’t allow distractions get in your way. Saying “I love you” may not be enough to keep your romantic partner happy, so give them a small, but thoughtful gift to keep them satisfied


Take the moral high road this week when it comes to social and family matters. It may feel good to get down on someone else’s low level, but you may regret compromising your integrity later. Leave time for romance this week, it’s important to keep your love flame burning


Your aura and ego are receiving a lot of energy, so use it to shone, but don’t be blinded by your own brightness.  Say ‘yes’ to a new opportunity at work; it may require long hours, but the payoff will be worth it


Set a dedicated schedule this week in the interest of time management. It will be very busy and you want to make the most out of your hours. If you are trespassing on someone else’s relationship turf be prepared to deal with the consequences- its best to back off now


Be mindful of the company you keep this week, as not everyone has your best interest at heart. Old jealousies and resentments are hiding behind warm smiles, so use your 6th sense to filter the bad guys out. If your boss gets too personal with you this week start looking for a new job because their advances will only get more aggressive over time


You are making a lot of head way towards your goals, and you have the right to feel confident, but try not to let your healthy ego energy turn into hubris. There are more rivals for your romantic attention than you even know; so don’t settle for less than the best


Your ego may have driven you to revenge in the recent past, but now that you are more enlightened you can undo any karmic damage. Make an apology or at least offer something of value (information) to help your victim heal. Of on doubt an\bout a lovers’ sincerity keep your clothes on until you feel sure about their intentions


A long-awaited opportunity will finally arrive, but you must make sure that no one interferes in your plan. Keep silent about your good fortune, it is the only way to protect your investment. If you are using money to secure love in your life know that your intended doesn’t truly care for you


Your life is moving in new directions, but people from the past will appear, however, you may not even recognize them at first because their energy has changed so much. Money starts to flow, but be sure to keep as much as possible for emergencies,


A long overdue conversation between you and an old friend may be uncomfortable at first, but the information that you learn can quickly cause your attitude about the past to change. If your lover leaves you waiting in favor of a new friend or social group stand up for yourself


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