Weekly Horoscopes for January 30- February 5, 2017


A sudden urge to reach out to an ex-lover should be avoided at all costs; there is a reason they are your ex.  Family reunions should go well if old grudges aren’t dredged up from the past. It may be difficult but try to stay in the present


The cost of being part of the group may not be worth it this week as your conscience may not want to go along with the social agenda. Try to follow your heart instead of the crowd so you don’t have any regrets. If your love partner isn’t responding to your signals don’t worry about it at this time. Try to be strong for them in a quiet way


Make your move on that new person in your life before someone else does. Don’t be afraid of being too forward; just be honest about your feelings and let nature take its course. Watch out for overdue bills; check your finances to make sure there isn’t something you’ve overlooked


Be gentle with loved ones even if it you feel that aggression is called for in case you say something you may regret later. A new job opportunity may be just what you need, just check that you can handle the extra hours


Make the best of a bad work situation by stepping up as a leader this week. Don’t be shy about delegating authority, it will be appreciated. Be certain about what you really want before having any serious talks about your relationship; what you say now may stick for a very long time


Stay true to yourself when it comes to making life choices this week. The influence of others may only cloud your vision and set you up for regret. A dinner outing is the best bet for a first date; you can introduce your friends later


A big change in your life is coming for the better, but you need to get prepared. When you get the new job, financial windfall, etc. you won’t have time to get organized, so do it now. A new flirtation may make you feel good, but check them out now to make sure they are who you think they are


Be wary of anyone or anything that seems too good to be true. Your own steam is the best way to get ahead. It may hurt to be pleasant to someone that makes your spine shiver, but that’s what you have to do for the moment because they are in charge. If you are able to get along now, they won’t cause you any trouble later


Make your own needs your first priority this week and let your responsibilities to others come second. Self- care is needed so that you don’t lose your health. A co-worker may make a fuss about a minor issue, try to ignore it and don’t allow it to upset your work routine


Nothing can get you ahead faster than your own drive and ambition, so let it loose this week and see what happens. Your relationship will get over its hurdles if you just let go for a while; trying to control the situation won’t help, but a little space may be the answer


Its full steam ahead in business this week and you may meet a lot of new people, and some of them may want more from you than just a working relationship. Be wise about how close you allow anyone to get without getting to know them first. An ex may want a big favor, but don’t give more energy than you can afford to lose


Stay true to your loyal friends as new faces may not be what they seem. Be ready to run if you see something in them that scares you. Stay where you are for now instead of looking for new addresses. You want your next move to be your next move, not just a change of scenery


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