Weekly Horoscopes for January 16-22, 2017


A pal may want more than just friendship, and it may come as a big surprise but not an unwelcome one. Take time to consider how you feel and the pros and cons before making any decisions. Some of your coworkers may be planning a coup on the job; stand your ground and don’t get involved


Think before speaking this week especially if you’re feeling angry. It will be easy to say something that will make you feel better in the moment, but that you may regret later. Be the one to make the first move with your romantic partner this week; they may be feeling that they do all of the work


Be sure that you really want to say goodbye before initiating a breakup this week; try some negotiation first. Staying at your current job is best until you are sure that you have a better one. Start putting out resumes now and you can make a change for the better by spring


Sales and marketing will go well for you if you get out of your own way and stop doubting yourself. It’s time to push yourself a little harder and quit feeling guilty about success. Your best chance for romance is to look close to home; forget on-line dating and take a walk or a short drive and see who is available


Though your love life may be first on your list, make time for your family, too. Balance is needed in order for you not to miss out on what “all” your people have to offer. Stay true to yourself on the job; it’s great to be on a team but it’s not worth your conscience


Try to be patient, as there are not that many people that can work as fast as you can. You should try to be an example rather than allow yourself to be frustrated. Romance can be wonderful as long as you a deal with reality and forget about fairy tales


You may stumble onto a clue to something that has been a mystery for many years. An old friend can help you put the pieces together and you will find the answer. Make time for romance even if you’d rather be working; your lover may find someone else to keep them company


Be prepared for a very busy week, and try to plan some down time to relax. You will have a lot of contact with new people, so put your best foot forward to make a good impression. Family members may be more upbeat than usual, so enjoy the good vibes while you can


Forget waiting for the right moment; make your move now towards someone you’ve been thinking about. They may not be available later through a long distance move or someone else’s lack of hesitation. Be wary of any business deals that don’t add up even if the presenter is a smooth talker. Do the numbers first, this is no time for blind faith


If you are looking to market a new product or business, this is the week to do it. You will have the energy and focus to make an impact. An older coworker may try to cross the line with you romantically; don’t get involved even if it is tempting. It will only become another mess you have to clean up on the job


You may decide to start a new business this week, just make sure your funding is solid before investing too much time and energy.  A friend may want to set you up with a new love interest, but you are better off focusing on someone that you literally run into on the street


Don’t allow past resentments keep you from taking you out of the running for a big promotion. Let bygones be bygones and enjoy your success even if you have to grit your teeth. Avoid making a big mistake in your love life by allowing a past lover to interfere in your current love life; love triangles can be dangerous


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