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Mercury Retrograde 8/30-9/21 2016

Retrograde alerts us to the weaknesses in the systems that are ruled by the planet’s energy. Mercury is the most feared because the messenger planet has his hands in everything. Without Mercury’s energy we can’t connect or relate to anyone or anything, and this retrograde being in Virgo, one of Mercury’s ruling signs, gives a double dose of analysis and criticism of our faults and flaws. Transportation and communication will be highlighted, and this being a retrograde it means that we may have to actually go back to places we’ve been or have the same talk over again. Sometimes this brings issues and people from our past back into our lives giving us a second chance to get our Mercurial karma right. Reunions are likely, and so are regrets if we haven’t learned our lessons or refuse to acknowledge them.
Virgo is all about perfection and purity, so anything that is not pure, complete or practical will stand out. Of course, this also means that we will get a measure of where we are perfo…

Weekly Horoscopes for August 29- September 4, 2016

Aries Make this a great week by not allowing the small stuff to get to you. Some of the more bothersome people in your life may want your energy to further their own ends, but you have things to do and can’t spare your precious life force- just say no! Be careful with delicate laundry-check the labels twice
Taurus If you are running late, and feeling a little less than a superstar, it’s ok. This week it is your turn to be less than perfect. You cover everyone else’s bases all the time so give yourself a beak is you are a little bit slower or less precise than usual. Be fair with siblings in financial matters; you’ll need their support later
Gemini Make a plan and stick to it; romantic distractions can be fun but you must keep your financial and career goals in sight. There are opportunities in your midst right now that won’t last so keep your eyes on the prize so that you don’t miss out. Your sweetheart will understand if you have to postpone a date in order to advance yourself. You can al…

Weekly Horoscopes for August 22-28, 2016

Aries Don’t be upset over the invitation that you didn’t receive. You will thank your lucky stars later that you were not part of the debacle after it’s all over. Sometimes being overlooked can be a blessing. Remember your gratitude when you receive an unexpected, yet helpful gift from a friend
Taurus  You may suddenly realize that you don’t like some of the people that you see every day and that it is time for a change of scenery.  Just be sure that you have the time and resources to support your changes; you deserve better and you know it. Be ready to accept invitations even if you are feeling a little tired this week;  you may finally meet the person you’ve been waiting for
Gemini Make room in your life for something more genuine; if your relationships are feeling false, or forced, it is only a matter of time before they dissolve. There are a lot of people in the world and they would love to meet you. A bonus at work will make you the envy of your co-workers; try not to take their…

Weekly Horoscopes for August 15-21, 2016

Aries Aim for cooperation when you have that long dreaded talk with the friend whom has recently become a thorn in your side. Try to find middle ground; you need their support so save the tough love for later. Make   arrangements for someone else to do your routine so that you can focus in romance this weekend
Taurus Making plans for the future may be a bit premature if you just met your new sweetheart, circumstances change and some deposits re nonrefundable so think twice before committing. Use tact at work right now; there are a lot of over-sensitive personalities that can bite you in the butt later if they get offended
Gemini A smooth talker may try to get the best of you at work this week but you will be able to spot him before he even has a chance to make his approach. The worst part will be having to smile at this clown until you can seal the deal. Don’t settle for second best if you can avoid it. Even if you have to hurt someone’s feelings, choose the best option for you and r…

Weekly horoscopes for August 8- 14, 2016

Aries Beware those friends in need bringing you gifts that you neither want, nor can afford to keep. It is better to just walk away and deal with their temper tantrum. Be nice to your sweetheart, they are doing a lot for you behind the scenes right now
Taurus Make an appeal to someone that you have wronged so that you can get back something valuable that you lost. When you need to think about these things consider creating your own meditation space; whether that be a cabin the woods or even you favorite parking spot with a view.
Gemini Say hello to a new crowd off friends that are a lot more fun than the last batch, though you may have to endure some of the backlash from any feelings they have about being rejected, it is worth it to reclaim what is your and gain something new. Be open to a romantic dinner, it may be even better than you expect
Cancer Don’t allow a friend to manipulate you into giving up your own space; you are not going to have the chance to put up strong boundaries…