Weekly Horoscopes for August 15-21, 2016

Aim for cooperation when you have that long dreaded talk with the friend whom has recently become a thorn in your side. Try to find middle ground; you need their support so save the tough love for later. Make   arrangements for someone else to do your routine so that you can focus in romance this weekend

Making plans for the future may be a bit premature if you just met your new sweetheart, circumstances change and some deposits re nonrefundable so think twice before committing. Use tact at work right now; there are a lot of over-sensitive personalities that can bite you in the butt later if they get offended

A smooth talker may try to get the best of you at work this week but you will be able to spot him before he even has a chance to make his approach. The worst part will be having to smile at this clown until you can seal the deal. Don’t settle for second best if you can avoid it. Even if you have to hurt someone’s feelings, choose the best option for you and refuse to feel guilty

You are always kind to those in need, but this week you should be kind to those who help those in needs and give someone who does good a break or a small gift. Focus on the light worker so they can get a boost to keep doing what they do. You could use some time away from those you love so that you can get a chance to miss them, so make plans to be alone in your favorite spaces for a recharge

Be prepared for the big slowdown at work when two colleagues or coworkers go head to head on a project; be smart and sidestep the drama and use this time to get ahead on the things that matter while the egos are clashing. A gift from the heart from a friend will lift your spirits and fill you with the memories that make you remember where your home is

Make plans to stash your loose cash before greedy relatives or close friends come sniffing around. Someone has depleted all of their resources and now they want yours! Close your wallet and offer them advice on how to get their own money. Give someone a second chance in friendship; we all deserve do-over sometimes

Take a break from routine and relax for a change you have invested so much hard work into your job and family responsibilities that you may have forgotten about you. Buy something nice for yourself and know that it will only end up giving you more energy to help others in the long run.  An annoying family member will want to ruin your day with their negativity towards the end of the week; just let them go to voicemail they will find another victim

Make the most an unexpected windfall and put it someone that no one will look for it! This time when greenbacks find their way into your hands keep them all for yourself so that you can pay any debts and know that you have a financial cushion. That will boost your confidence and self esteem. Just don’t allow anyone to put a claim on your funds out a sense of tradition or guilt. Be thankful for the little gestures that family and friends do you for you. It is their way of communicating their love for you

Be kind to your fellow travelers while on the road this week. Some of them may have more to offer than you think. Share your journeys with others, whether they be long distance or a quick jaunt around the corner. The wisdom shared can be invaluable information and life lessons. Let down your guard when you notice someone trying to get to know you. The past has made it hard for you to let anyone in, but this is the future, so try something new and be completely open

Enjoy romantic moments but don’t be distracted by them, there are a lot of career opportunities in your midst if you just take notice.  When you are out and about with the one you love look around you because you are attracting all kinds of energies that can be beneficial to your work life. You can have it all if you just stop, look and listen

A socially awkward moment could lead you to someone new if you don’t allow ride to stand in your way. It’s okay to be a dork sometimes, and it can even be endearing so just go with the flow without fear of consequences and just be yourself. Make plans with a loved that has been ill; they really need a dose of your bright energy to bring them back to wholeness


Don’t base your relationships’ future on one small spat, especially if alcohol is involved. Sometimes these little glitches in the matrix help maintain stability, so let the little things slide for now and focus on the big picture. Make your boss see how valuable you are by giving your opinion without fear this week; you know more than you thought and it will only add to the productivity of the team


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