Weekly Horoscopes for August 22-28, 2016

Don’t be upset over the invitation that you didn’t receive. You will thank your lucky stars later that you were not part of the debacle after it’s all over. Sometimes being overlooked can be a blessing. Remember your gratitude when you receive an unexpected, yet helpful gift from a friend

 You may suddenly realize that you don’t like some of the people that you see every day and that it is time for a change of scenery.  Just be sure that you have the time and resources to support your changes; you deserve better and you know it. Be ready to accept invitations even if you are feeling a little tired this week;  you may finally meet the person you’ve been waiting for

Make room in your life for something more genuine; if your relationships are feeling false, or forced, it is only a matter of time before they dissolve. There are a lot of people in the world and they would love to meet you. A bonus at work will make you the envy of your co-workers; try not to take their resentment personally

Be more discerning when it come to the crowd you hang out with on your morning walk or lunch break. Even though these are not close friends they may still have an impact on your reputation. It may be uncomfortable to reject someone, but on the other hand getting too close can cause its own problems

You may now feel like you are the undisputed leader in your relationships, but you have to understand you can’t control others without them resenting you. Let others know that you are always on top but that you appreciate them immensely. Keep your phone charged at all times to avoid missing an important call this week

Being too fussy about a coworker’s performance can cause a lot of unnecessary drama. You are correct in your assessment that they could do better, but allow your superiors to figure that out and let them take appropriate action.  A an ex lover may surface this week; keep your heart on a leash so that you don’t get involved in the same bad situation as last time you dated them

A competitive coworker will not be happy about your bosses’ praise of you, so just be prepared for snide comment and dirty looks. The only way to deal with them is to be totally direct and make sure you have a witness when you confront them.  A new person in your neighborhood may be just what you are looking for so get outside and be seen!

A short visit with an old friend can get you back in the groove, but be sure that you don’t get carried away going down memory lane. Your present needs a lot of attentions so don’t get drawn back into the past. A competitive friend or family member may try to sabotage a personal project out of spite or jealousy so keep plans private

Soldier on even when a friend drops out on you; you don’t need to cancel a planned outing just because you have to go solo. Who knows who you might meet- don’t miss your chance. Be open to new job opportunities even if they aren’t your usual cup of tea; extra income is always good so try something new and line your pockets at the same time

Make a move on a new job opportunity but don’t forget the human element. You may have all of the credentials and experience  but the people making the decision are going to base it on how the new hire (you) will get along with the current staff; no easy task. So don’t beat yourself if you get passed over- it may be blessing. Don’t overdress on your first date; be stylish yet comfortable so you are ready for any adventure

It may hurt to smile through a lecture from someone older or in authority because this time you know what you are talking about and they don’t. It is just their pride talking so don’t respond in kind, just try to remember that you know best.  You will finally hear from someone you have been trying to reach and they will have a great excuse ad to why they have been MIA, so accept their apology


Be prepared to have a few very human moments this week. Some of your recent assumptions about a person were wrong and you may have caused undue harm by participating in gossip. Just stop what you are doing, make the correction and trust that the rest will fall into place. You may have to impress your partner’s parents this week so just dress your best and be yourself and you can’t go wrong


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