Mercury Retrograde 8/30-9/21 2016

Retrograde alerts us to the weaknesses in the systems that are ruled by the planet’s energy. Mercury is the most feared because the messenger planet has his hands in everything. Without Mercury’s energy we can’t connect or relate to anyone or anything, and this retrograde being in Virgo, one of Mercury’s ruling signs, gives a double dose of analysis and criticism of our faults and flaws. Transportation and communication will be highlighted, and this being a retrograde it means that we may have to actually go back to places we’ve been or have the same talk over again. Sometimes this brings issues and people from our past back into our lives giving us a second chance to get our Mercurial karma right. Reunions are likely, and so are regrets if we haven’t learned our lessons or refuse to acknowledge them.

Virgo is all about perfection and purity, so anything that is not pure, complete or practical will stand out. Of course, this also means that we will get a measure of where we are performing at our best; it is not all negative. A sense of peace and accomplishment can occur at these times where we can see how far we have come. But if we have dirty laundry hanging about, we can feel a sense of shame and over-exposure. The good news is that no one will notice because they will be dealing with their own set of circumstances to improve upon. Even those lucky few that have themselves together and aren’t facing any hard obstacles during this retrograde may seek to improve themselves even more, so no one will be sitting around judging. This energy makes everyone extremely humble and forgiving, so as long as we are moving towards the light we should all be moving in the same direction oblivious to the faults of others.

We must be mindful not just of what you say, but also how you say it, and to whom. Misunderstandings can cause unnecessary drama so we all need to think before we speak and listen carefully to what we are being told.  It is definitely good idea to check any facts before repeating them or even believing them. Neptune in Pisces opposing this action can bring out deception by design or even by accident so it is always a good idea to check facts and numbers when it comes to business. If we use this time wisely we will get a clear view of the areas that we need to pay attention to in our lives. If we make changes and commit ourselves to improvement this energy will help us get there faster.


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