Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly Relationship Outlook by Diana Black

The foggy effects of last week’s full moon in Pisces conjunct the sign’s ruler, Neptune is still hanging over us making communication with others dicey, but the immense creative lunar energy will aid us in being more in touch with our inner selves. This is the time to show, rather than tell, the important people in your life how you feel about them.  A hand written letter, work of art, or a thoughtful gift (look to your love’s Venus sign and house position to be sure to get the right gift) are much better than any amount of lip service. Mercury in Libra is opposing Uranus (retrograde) in Aries making it very difficult to say what we mean (if you’re not sure what to say, don’t say anything right now) and be understood by others. This transit also bodes for a split between our emotional attachments and our own creative energy.  Add the layers of Neptune retrograde activated by a recent full moon and it is almost impossible to communicate effectively.

This break in communication may cause many couples to have issues, but it is very important to stick this out until next week ( if you are interested in staying a couple, best friends, etc.) when we will actually be able to form and articulate our words. Emotions will change rapidly and many relationship issues will get back on track. Mars’ shift into Sagittarius (Sept 13) will release a lot of the tension felt throughout his transit of Scorpio (July26- September 13). Power struggles, grudge holding, revenge fantasies, etc. that dominated the landscape will loosen their grip on us and our dealing with others. This is further supported by the  Venus in Virgo in trine to Pluto in Capricorn, get practical and let go of whom and what isn’t serving us.  This may mean that some relationships will be ending or changing after all of the turmoil and testing of recent transits. This is a good time to walk away if you’re sure you want out of something it will be easier to move on. If you want to keep things going then it is very important to take inventory of your relationship to see where cuts and changes need to be made. If it is really meant to be it will all be worth it.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mars enters Sagittarius September 13, 2014

 Mars’ entry into Sagittarius this Saturday will bring a major shift and much needed release in planetary energy.  The moon will be void until 2:27 am EST September 14th Sunday when she enters airy Gemini and will play very nicely with Mars in the fire sign of the Archer.After last months’ Saturn/Mars conjunction Scorpio we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  Even the few of us that were not personally affected by that aggressive energy were still affected by the upsets and disasters of the others in our lives.
 Mars is confident and courageous in Sagittarius and will spark an interest in beliefs and philosophies.This is the time to take aim at whatever it is that you want, especially if that includes, higher education, foreign travel and languages. We will all be forced to put more energy and focus on these issues, the possibilities are a more defensive stand against issues in other parts of the worlds, and a desire to preserve our respective, beliefs and cultures.

We do have to take into account that this will leave a trail- whatever we do now will certain come back to us for good or ill once Saturn makes his way into Sagittarius in December of this year (December, 2014) - this will show the harvest/ consequences of what we have chosen to do with this energy.

This will have an energizing effect on all of the fire and to some degree air sign.  People will really get going in their lives after a long lull in the action. This will also get people out and about and ready to meet. If you are looking for other singles, then outdoor activities and adventures are the best place to find like minded individuals. Just remember that the Sagittarian flavor lends itself to exploring and wandering the unknown a bit, so don’t hold back and try something or someone new.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekly Horoscopes by Diana Black August 12-19, 2014

 Aries- You’ll have the impulse to break an important bond; think it over first

Taurus- If you move, you lose; don’t allow others to take your space or your sweetie

Gemini-A lover may try to guilt trip you; don’t allow it -you will resent them later

Cancer- Loved ones are jealous of a new friend; try to include them in plans if you can

Leo- Make time for romance though your friends seem like more fun right now

Virgo-They won’t ask you out if they don’t know that you’re available; let ‘em know

Libra- Ask for help; look to your friends to help you make difficult decisions at this time

Scorpio- You’ve got competition in love; better lock it down with a commitment soon

Sagittarius- Travel opportunities are coming your way so make sure that you’re prepared

Capricorn- Don’t fear power struggles at work; they’ll only bring you closer to your goals

Aquarius- Your ability to detach will get you through; clear the space for someone new

Pisces- Old self esteem issues flare up, face them now and the healing will begin

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekly Horoscopes for July 28- August 3rd by Diana Black

Aries – Launch that rocket, whether it’s a new love or business the time is right

Taurus- Don’t take rejection personally; there’s more to the story- just be patient

Gemini-Flipping back and forth will only wear you out and that what the opposition wants-decide now

Cancer- You have the right to say no to anyone or anything at anytime- no guilt!

Leo- It’s all about you; enjoy the spotlight but let your friends shine on beside you

Virgo- Unsettling feelings in your gut are there for a reason; let this mess go no further

Libra- Draw some boundaries now with pushy friends and neighbors to save your sanity

Scorpio- Your spark comes back and its’ time to tackle your goals one by one

Sagittarius- Not everyone enjoys a crowd; a quiet dinner will go much better

Capricorn-Interfering in others’ lives will not work out at this time- despite your good intentions

Aquarius- Ego may flare out of control, when your ex comes calling send them back down the road

Pisces-Better to fly around the clouds than try to push thru when you meet a force stronger than u

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Black's Astrology Weekly Horoscopes July 21-26, 2014

Aries – Time to choose what really matters; the rest will only drag you down on your way up

Taurus-Favors will be returned, remember life’s curves aren’t all dangerous

Gemini- You know that you’re never alone for long; don’t stay where you don’t belong

Cancer- Center gatherings around water in order to maintain your authority and control

Leo- Remember the past but give the future a chance; some people really do evolve

Virgo-Don’t pick up the phone until you’re ready to commit, end unwanted hassles now             

Libra- Hesitation brings loneliness- make a move before Mars moves and you lose heat               

Scorpio-It’s time to get back on the clock the world needs your sexy back

Sagittarius- Separate your work/love life until sure that you really want either one of them

Capricorn- Don’t settle for sentiment; you need more and know that you deserve it

Aquarius- Enjoy relief from power struggles, look for true love not traditional rituals

Pisces –Now that you’ve come up for air, anyone that has hurt your heart you need beware

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekly horoscopes By Diana Black for July 14-20

Aries –Family/ home life can interfere with career opportunities; don’t fight them-ask for help, then delegate and enjoy the results

Taurus- Support from friends is coming -a 2nd chance to spin the wheel with an old flame can set you back farther than the first time around; think 2x

Gemini- Smiles will return- let your children/ parental responsibilities be your guidepost in the future of your current romance

Cancer- Attend to your health- your intuition will be pronounced lessening the need for verbal communication in your relationships; trust it
Leo- Things get bigger with Jupiter’s ingress, drop heavy burdens you’ll need all your strength to go for the gold; add to your treasury    

Virgo-Business matters find support; time to organize- pressures from lovers arise; their need will not simply go away- make a decision

Libra-Domestic concerns dampen romantic plans- be patient suggest your lover hire an appropriate caregiver so that you have quality time

Scorpio- Restore the relationships have merit in your life- but remember, not all connections are good ones

Sagittarius-Be mindful of prying too hard into areas that you have no business being- your curiosity could be taken as a threat by those in power

Capricorn – The full moon has pulled out some powerful emotions; use self control -authority is needed, ask for guidance in romantic matters

Aquarius- Betrayal by a close friend may feel unexpected, but it’s been a long time coming; consider what brought it all to this

Pisces- Intuition is strong; make decisions about your love life- avoid tying someone down, asking for what you need will go a long way