Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

What comes around goes around, and it’s all coming around right now. Yesterday’s New Moon and Sun’s ingress into Aquarius has got us all a little unsettled, like we know something is coming for us but we’re not sure what it is, or if it’s a threat or a treat. That’s the nature of Aquarius; the wind can blow either which way and it does keep us on our toes. Today Mercury, planet of communication, transportation and commerce will go retrograde (an optical illusion that makes it appear from our perspective on earth that the retrograde planet is actually going backwards in the sky. Though it seems to be only a trick of the eye, the energy we experience, and the results of it, are quite real). This all adds up to a very precarious time when we can’t really count on anyone or anything to be static in our lives through no fault of their own.

We see a lot of communication problems in every sector of life during Mercury’s retrograde periods. It’s very easy to forget details and directions and seems to take everyone twice as long to make decisions. Computers are really fond of crashing and/or being invaded by hackers or viruses (This is twice as likely as Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, also rules technology and the internet).  It is good idea to back up important files and contact information. The good news is that this period will always show you where your system is need of an upgrade or overhaul. Social media needs extra attention because security settings have been known to change either by mistake or by miscommunication during retrogrades- you really can’t control what goes out there and who may see it so play it safe.

Anyone from our pasts (retrograde), present, or even someone important for our future (Aquarius) could surface. Aquarius rules groups of people, so it won’t be just one person back to us, it will bring back the whole tribe for good or ill. An old pal may want to offer us a job, but then his wife tells her sister who is now married to your ex-boyfriend from kindergarten’s cousin from Poughkeepsie and she remembers the time you slighted her at a party and uses the info on your job application just to mess with your life. Ups and downs and rights and lefts all over the place. If we are looking for someone right now it’s likely we will stumble on to them when and where we  least expect which can be wonderful and healing; but the same goes for us too. That wonderful career connection you just made with a new colleague could end up being what brings you back into contact with your old eighth grade rival (cringe). Or the guy working for a collection agency to recoup the money for a video that we forgot to return to Blockbuster in 1996 finds our old roommate/bassist we lived with at the time. We realize that our credit is trashed but we get the band back together!
As far as romantic relationships go this is an iffy time. Aquarius brings out the curiosity in us all and sometimes we may just reconnect with others but it’s just not a good time to do that. It’s too easy to start catching old feelings that can interfere with our present. We not only need to be are of our own past partners but those of our current partners. Misunderstanding are likely right now and an innocent “ how are You” or “you look happy” can be mistaken for more than friendly banter, especially if that person never really wanted to let go in the first place.  It is very important that we are all as honest with ourselves and our partners about whom we are communicating with and what about to avoid any problems. It would be a good idea to send a family portrait to your ex than one of your better bikini photos just in case the situation gets misread on either end.

For the single folks this can be a great time for a second chance with someone special however we are likely to get what we want but not how we want it. The one that got away may finally want to get back together, but he has 6 children with 6 different baby mamas and he needs $8,000 to pay his fines and back child support or he will spend the next 4 years in prison.  Or the girl you dated on college is now a Fortune 500 company owner and CEO. She would love to have lunch and offer you a job that you really need, but she’s no longer interested in dating since you dumped her in college because you were so over her raw food diet and the different smells that emanated from her because of it. We will catch the good with the bad and must try to remember what it was that drove us or them away before getting too invested in reliving the past. Their home, job and appearance may have changed but their basic drives, emotional needs, and their families have not, and neither have ours, probably. Communication is vitally important in order to for these reunions to work and that is not easy under this astrological weather.  Breakups of an Aquarian nature usually involve goals, social circle and matters of personal time and space, or the lack of them. Every issue needs to be laid out on the table and examined or the same result as before will ensue- separation and heartbreak. If the hard work is done and we are willing to adjust to each other then it can work out really well the second time around, but if it doesn’t, we can just try again under the next retrograde. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Moon/ Sun’s Ingress in Aquarius

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 will bring a major energy shift. The heavy, serious mindsets we’ve been under thanks to the planetary line up in earthy Capricorn is about to break up and in with fresh Aquarian air. The only drawback is that the energy of Aquarius is a lot less stable and reliable being an air sign. Plans can go great one minute and then completely derail the next. Uranus (Aquarius’s co-ruler along with Saturn) is the planet that brings us unexpected upheavals and shocks to our system (electricity is ruled by this sign). It also rules the internet and surprises, there will be a lot of networking this moon and we are bound to reunite with friends and groups as these issues are also Aquarian ruled. The past comes up a lot this time of year, and unfortunately it’ difficult to tell what the winds will blow into in our lives.

  The Aquarian personality can turn on a dime from complete and utter detachment to all out obsession; either way there is never a dull moment with a water bearer. Resourceful, and always connected, they are the people that are always ahead of their time and “in the know” about what is new and hot and what is “so last month”. Their trendsetting fashions always get them noticed in a crowd; the best part is that they are usually totally unaware of how fabulous they look. No matter how much of fuss gets made about them they stay cool as a cucumber completely unaffected, and to a certain degree, detached from the crowd. Unless an Aquarian is in “obsession” mode it is often difficult to tell how they feel about you in a relationship, their emotions can be very cool and they are not known for giving compliments. But if they are with you, that is where they choose to be, because  they know who they are and  don’t engage with people or situations they don’t choose to be in. They will leave you where you are standing if they don’t feel that they can trust you, so don’t even enter the Aquarian’s space if you aren’t honest with them. They won’t hold it against you if you change your mind, but you are yesterday’ news if you are false.

Expect the unexpected right now, especially when it comes to your social circle, the past and present and future. New friends and connections are likely to bring back old ones, the good and the bad. It is a good idea to update your privacy and security settings on social media because there is no telling who may be looking to attach or re-attach themselves to our lives. The houses of the natal birth chart that hold Aquarius, the 11th house, Saturn and Uranus will give a lot of useful information for navigating this time.  Mercury will go retrograde on Wednesday January 21st further exacerbating the need to go back and rehash and relearn from the past, and also back up and secure important.  If there is anyone or anything that we are destined to go back to, redo, or relive it’s likely to happen now. Flexibility is the key to keeping up with this energy, yoga can be a great tool to help relieve stress and process any shake ups from our social circle. Also, it’s a good idea to look your best, you never know who will return to you in the next few weeks and you don’t want to be caught off guard. Happy Birthday Aquarians!