Sunday, April 19, 2015

Taurus Birthday Horoscope 4/20/2015

This month will highlight your relationships, so expect some unexpected reunions for your birthday!  If you feel that you’ve taking when you should be giving and vice versa this is a great time to act with patience and compassion towards making the energy more even and more satisfying for both.

Old friends will show up and show you where balance is needed between the past and the present and business and pleasure.  An old business contact will arrive to help you solve a new problem at work. Give them plenty of space to work and accept constructive criticism; this is the last bit of spit and polish before business and career goals finally manifest themselves.

Clashes with roommates and/or neighbors are likely when they try to stand in the way of your rights or property. Just be sure to document any problems with your camera phone to protect yourself from retribution and frivolous complaints from those closest to home. A weekend away with family can help you get through the month until the energy changes when we head into Gemini (the neighborhood will be  more communicative and socially cooperative at that time).

A tendency to overspend can cause problems when the monthly bills arrive; luckily your friends will be in a generous mood and will want to spoil you rotten so put your credit card away if anyone offers. Also think of future needs when you get a nice return on a small investment. That little bit of cash may not mean a lot now, but it could be the seed for something bigger and better later in the Spring. Put it away and add as much as you can in a secret spot so that you’ll have the resources when that big idea hits!

Happy birthday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pluto Retrograde April 16-September 25, 2015

 Pluto the “power” planet goes retrograde April 16 until September 25 (it’s going to be a long summer). Now that the Uranus/Pluto square is finally separating there will be some balancing for a good, long while and this retrograde will not help to keep things light.

Retrogrades tends to bring bounce- back wherever we have underestimated, undervalued or abused the energy exerted through the planet. In the case of Pluto, this is where all of the power plays in our lives come back to haunt us, even the ones we didn’t realize that we were participating in. This is a time when the dark shadows that we project on to others come out to grab us and shake us up.

 Did we violate anyone- their rights, their privacy, their freedom? Were we the victim of a power play, either seen or unseen?  These issues will come to light over the next 5 1/2 months when the usual “powers’ or protections from them, are not static due to the retrograde motion. Victims find their voices and bullies will fall on their asses under this type of energy. When the lines of power are blurred it’s hard to see who is in charge- there will be a lot of checkmate moments for all us- and with the recent pattern of reversals thanks to Uranus, we can end up kissing the behind of the person whose toes we stepped on not so long ago. So it’s a good idea to try and play nice and go out of our way to make those apologies that we have putting off for so long.

Pluto in Capricorn is all about the “power structure” and the dark side is “abuse of authority”. In some instances these systems are crumbling away into obscurity and in some places finally being uncovered for the first time- once the dust settles and the aftershocks are over we will all be surprised to see who has really been pulling the strings – with Saturn, Capricorn’s planetary ruler, currently retrograde in Sagittarius we will see these reversals of power on a “global” scale, but in our own lives and relationships this will be even more evident. Pluto works in the dark, behind the scenes, and this retrograde will turn the lights on for us so we can see where our power really lies and how to use it effectively.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April 4, 2015 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Eclipses are an augur or endings and new beginnings, and this eclipse in Libra (the sign of partnership and marriage) will affect our relationships with others. The action will take place wherever 14 degrees Aries falls in your natal chart. The effects won’t be apparent, but may be felt immediately. The energy usually works out over a period of about 6 months and the consequences of the energy and the decisions spurred by it reach over a period of about 18.5 years (eclipse Saros cycle). This time around though, we may have an idea of where this may play out, but not how, because of this eclipse’s dangerously explosive opposition to the bitter remnants of the disseminating Uranus/Pluto square.  Anytime Pluto is involved permanent change is imminent, and with Uranus there is the surety of a being thrown into the unknown, so all we can predict with this eclipse is that whatever area this covers in our natal charts (Aries/Libra/Capricorn) there will be a confusing, unexpected and deep change in the way we relate to others (lunar eclipse).

 Lunar eclipses work more on an inner emotional and psychological level, so it will be our feelings about “togetherness” and “oneness” with the Libra (We/Us) moon. This clash with the Aries sun (I/me) will highlight where we may have expected too much from others or have given too much of ourselves and stifled our own feelings to keep the peace. Either way, the frustration level we feel with the “others” in our lives will reach a boiling point. With Mercury, the communication planet in Aries along with the sun and Uranus it will be very difficult to keep our voices down or to sugar coat our opinions right now. We need to take a deep breath and count to ten before speaking unless we are sure that we want to invoke the kind of permanent change that the energy of the long-buried truth can bring.

In some cases this eclipse energy will help to balance (Libra) some of the power issues in our lives, but only if we can handle the ride. This means that some of the people in our lives will be bucked out of our personal rodeos when they can’t hold on to our horns (Aries/I am) or try to stab us with their own (Libra). We may be surprised by whom or what is left standing in the arena, and how we actually feel about them when it’s all over.  We just have to make sure that whatever ride comes our way we better hold on and make the most of those 8 seconds (figuratively) (this is also the fastest eclipse this century at only 4 minutes and 43 seconds!) in the ring, because we will be dealing with the outcome on an emotional level for most of the next two decades!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mars enters Taurus

Mars, the planet of force, enters Taurus today and the contrast to yesterday’s shift (Mercury entered Aries- Mars’ home sign) is immense! Planets in Aries like to go fast; and Taurus likes to take his sweet time. With the Sun, Mercury and Uranus currently in Aries, Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, is feeling very pressured to hurry up and move faster towards a personal goal, the mind and ego are working overtime but the motivation may not be there. Mars is the planet of action, yes, but more than that, it is motivation-what gets us stirred up and moving.  So when what motivates us is to stop and enjoy the earthy, sensual world we may not like it (especially those with planets or points in Taurus or in aspect to Venus), when someone comes along and expresses a desire (Mercury in Aries) to push us along out of our comfort zones so that they can satisfy their own desires.  This will certainly cause some conflicts in relationships and in our interactions with others in society.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, blends its energy with its transiting planets and finds a pace, sticks to it; good luck getting them to switch gears without a really good reason; especially when they are enjoying what they’re experiencing. The sign of the bull is very sensual and likes to really “enjoy” and “experience” everything, especially anything that stimulates the five senses. So For the Taurean sensibility a meal must be more then pleasing to the taste, it must look also be pleasing to the eye, and that takes time and cannot be rushed. Just like the perfectly aged wine one would expect at this feast and the thought that goes into inviting the perfect blend of friends so that the conversation is just as sweet and indulgent as the dessert. That kind of perfection is hard to achieve if you are being rushed, and with Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet, sticking to the last degrees of Taurus until Saturday the 11th when she floats in airy Gemini, it will be difficult to pull any of us away from shiny objects, even if our minds and the rest of the world is on constant green light.

This is a great time to relax enjoy a good friends and family, or to romance someone special. The key is to put the force into the planning and getting your invitations out (Mercury in Aries) early so that you can sit back and really dig into all the goodies you’ve spent such a long time making (Mars in Taurus) to enjoy with your people. Just watch your bank balance! The current transits will having us thinking (Mercury in Aries) about what we want and motivate us to reach and possess the things that give us pleasure (Mars in Taurus) and that recipe can get us into a lot of hot water if we aren’t paying attention or are so engrossed in what we are enjoying that we don’t notice the consequences. Make a Springtime budget now so that you can enjoy the best all season long.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mercury enters Aries March 30, 2015

Mercury, the communication planet enters Aries to join up with the sun, Uranus and Mars (Mars, Aries’ planetary ruler will enter Taurus tomorrow). This comes right before the lunar eclipse in Aries on April 4 that will rile the last bit of frustration out of the now separating Uranus/Pluto square. Communication will become much more forceful, to the point, and with purpose.  Aries is the first sign of the natural zodiac and its key words are “I Am”. When planets are transiting Aries, or ruling planet Mars, (or you have natal planets or points in this sign) we use the energy of this sign and planet to make our way or personal mark in the world.

Under this transit we will not have the patience we normally have with our communications. We want answers now, we want to get where we’re going now. Even the most patient and kind people will be yelling “get out of my way” or “me first”, “that’s mine”, etc. With the sun and Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, already enjoying the rays of Aries it is a good idea to take a deep breath when dealing with pushy people or if we are feeling more forceful than usual. Traffic will be a problem, Mercury rules transportation, and it will be a nightmare. This time of year everyone is starting to venture outdoors and hit the roads in their convertibles or sporty jeeps, and they want everyone out of their way. Everyone wants to go fast, but those leftover potholes from the cold weather months do not want to cooperate. The potential for road rage always rises during this transit, and it is exacerbated as tempers rise along with the heat of the Aries sun.  

Relationships may suffer during this time because all of the things that we are usually able to hold back will come flying out of our mouths at this time. If we have been feeling taken for granted or stifled by friends, family and lovers the slightest thing could set us off. This can be used constructively as it is very difficult to lie or to put others first so it is a real good time to get to the truth of the matter. Some will be very surprised to find out that the “yes” person in their life actually has a mind of their own.

Take a deep breath before speaking or reacting over the next couple week, our words have the ability to do real damage to ourselves and others.  They also have the ability to liberate us, so if you do feel that you can no longer stay silent just be sure there is a purpose before going ballistic, even if they have it coming.

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Moon February 18, 2015

 Wednesday the sun enters Pisces just after the new moon in the early evening. It will be easy to be hypnotized by this lunation. This New moon falls on Ash Wednesday and sandwiched between Mardi gras on the 17th and Chinese New Year (wood sheep) on the 19th. This is an exciting time that will allow us all to press the reset button on our lives if we can go with the Piscean flow.

 The moon will conjunct Neptune, Pisces’ planetary ruler on Thursday the 19th.  When this watery moon represented by the sign of the fish meets up with the Sea God in his own sign it’s a safe bet that things are going to be wet! That’s an awful lot of water to start out the lunar month with, and with the weather patterns being what they we should all guard our homes and valuables from moisture damage- a lot of leaky roofs will not make through the next few weeks! Black ice is also a concern, with the new moon’s dark energy we may not see the nasty spill waiting for us ahead on the sidewalk or when it comes to our emotions. This much water element can overwhelm some and that energy can bring some of the more sensitive of us to an emotional crisis point. This can be good if we prepare for this “flood” and expect it from others in our lives. Pisces rules the natural 12th and last house of the zodiac where we tend to “flush” out what is no longer necessary or is toxic to us, so we can use this time to let go and heal.

Under the sign of Pisces it’s easy to overlook security concerns; we feel so close and safe with others in the gentle vibration of Pisces that we could never imagine that anyone would ever betray us, but another Piscean theme is the “victim”, don’t be one! It’s very easy to feel sorry for others and to want to help others and the less fortunate-. Just check your caller ID this time of year there are real and scam fundraisers for all sorts of causes; it’s already been in the news this year that the scammers are out in full force looking for fake donations. Hard luck stories are common right now so keep your heart open but your wallet closed. Volunteering is better than donating at this time, the actions of serving others and being involved will be much more worthwhile for the collective.

We can expect late night phone calls from weepy friends/ ex lovers for the next few weeks. Alcohol is to be avoided or at least indulged in moderation- drunken dialing/ texting/posting are a real danger as are the hangovers and the “what did I do/say last night” syndrome. It’s easy to climb deep into a bottle these days, but we have to make sure that we don’t cling to the comfort that the vino can bring because it is only transitory and will keep us from facing our own deep waters. After all of the confusion and back and forth energy thanks to the recent Mercury retrograde phase we could all use a drink. This can be a real problem for romantic relationships as things get “heavy” and even the most stoic of individuals can turn into a puddle of tears thinking about all of the unexpressed hurts over the past year under a Pisces sun and moon.  Mars will enter Aries on Thursday, and Venus will move right behind on Friday. This will be another energy shift that will affect lovers this upcoming weekend. These opposing energies can create a hurricane of emotions- one thing is for sure- we’re all gonna get wet one way or another!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Great Expectations- Valentine’s Day February 14, 2015

This Valentine’s Day starts with the moon in expectant Sagittarius involved in a beautiful trine to generous Jupiter leading to grand plans for the evening, but those plans may need to be adjusted to be more practical. The moon goes void of course 10:15am (this is when the moon is about to change signs and her energy is out of focus; not a good time to schedule important events unless you want to get out of them) this is where our plans can start to fall apart because the energy we were relying on to be there for us is no longer available (babysitters may cancel, reservations get lost, etc.). Then the moon moves into serious-minded Capricorn and our responsibilities square off with the “lost in love “vibe of Venus is Pisces. If we can find the balance between romance and responsibility we will find this time wonderful, but if we are too concerned with taking an accounting of how “serious” our relationships are and not focused enough on the feelings involved then there will be some squabbles over this next weekend.

 We may also unexpectedly understand how the past has overlapped with our present lately even if we weren't aware of it going on around us. This recent Mercury retrograde period has brought a lot of old lovers and friends out of the wood work to shake things up in romantic lives everywhere. Because of the natural tendency to play things closer to the vest under the Aquarian sun and Mercury retrograde, and the shock (Uranus square Pluto) from having old issues crawl out from under rocks, and skeletons flying up in the front of our faces from the back of our personal closets, there is still a lot of information we have neither caught up with nor revealed now that Mercury has turned direct. We are still in the shadow and that energy has not fully played out yet so the intimate conversations we have this weekend may reveal a lot; like, say they’ve reconnected with/been contacted by their exes during the last few weeks –now, whether or not they engaged with them at all, and to what extent is another story. But the awareness of these other energies will certainly bring cause for much discussion.

These confessions, and how we handle them, will determine how well our relationships will stand up. Over the next few days leading up to the new moon in Pisces and the universe will hit the big reset button bringing another major energy shift. It is a good idea for all of us to get in focus with our partners now, if we have doubts we will only be clouded by them when the sun meets up with Neptune in a few weeks so we should use this time for clarity.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Full Moon in Leo February 3, 2015

Full moon in Leo will bring us some much needed room for some personal expression. This moon is conjunct Jupiter and that can turn even the most die-hard pessimist into a softy, and with Mars and Venus dancing with Neptune in Pisces we can really get into a forgiving spirit. Leo is a very generous sign and conjunct the full moon we may want to be the “bigger” person when it comes to old issues. But with Mercury still retrograde in Aquarius this energy will bring a lot of old friends/lovers (check the house that Leo occupies in your natal chart for more information) barreling out of the closets and boldly back into our lives. In some cases this will be great, but others, not so much. The chance to offer up or accept forgiveness is great but the tendency to forget about, or idealize, the past under the current influences make it a little dangerous right now.

The best thing to do is go with the flow and avoid making or accepting grand promises, especially where alcohol is involved, because they may not even be remembered by both parties the next day. When it comes to generosity, we should offer food or compliments and keep our wallets and front doors closed. This is not the time to lend money or allow even the best of our old down-on-their-luck pals to crash on our couches because even with the love in the air, things just are probably not what they seem. We should enjoy the reunions and sense of friendship in the air but make sure that we don’t sign up for anything or anyone that we may not want once the fog and the hangovers clear up.

February 2, 2015

                                        Writer/Philosopher Ayn Rand -1905-1982
                    “To say ‘I love you’ one must first be able to say the ‘I’”      
                        Farah Fawcett- 1947-2009, James Joyce- 1882-1941

We may find this a milder Monday than usual (at least in the morning).This morning’s sun/Uranus sextile will get our creative and physical juices going. The moon slips into the largesse of Leo early in the afternoon and gets the fire going underneath us. Problems that we agonized over the weekend will disappear as a spirit of cooperation and generosity takes over to get us out of sticky career and financial situations, but watch out for the catch! Tonight’s Moon/Saturn trine can offer up a dose of emotional and family responsibilities and obligations to go along with the check. So yes, Grandma, Uncle Phil, your ex or your mother in law will come up the money you need to get out of a tight spot or to finance our optimistic new business plans but they are going to expect a lot of emotional commitment on our parts. We must be careful when making these kinds of deals, Mercury is still retrograde in Aquarius and Venus and Mars are awful forgetful and forgiving tied up with Neptune in Pisces- think! What happened when you went down this road last time? Whether we are the giver or receiver it’s best to think twice, or at the very least get this is writing so no one “forgets” their part of the bargain.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

What comes around goes around, and it’s all coming around right now. Yesterday’s New Moon and Sun’s ingress into Aquarius has got us all a little unsettled, like we know something is coming for us but we’re not sure what it is, or if it’s a threat or a treat. That’s the nature of Aquarius; the wind can blow either which way and it does keep us on our toes. Today Mercury, planet of communication, transportation and commerce will go retrograde (an optical illusion that makes it appear from our perspective on earth that the retrograde planet is actually going backwards in the sky. Though it seems to be only a trick of the eye, the energy we experience, and the results of it, are quite real). This all adds up to a very precarious time when we can’t really count on anyone or anything to be static in our lives through no fault of their own.

We see a lot of communication problems in every sector of life during Mercury’s retrograde periods. It’s very easy to forget details and directions and seems to take everyone twice as long to make decisions. Computers are really fond of crashing and/or being invaded by hackers or viruses (This is twice as likely as Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, also rules technology and the internet).  It is good idea to back up important files and contact information. The good news is that this period will always show you where your system is need of an upgrade or overhaul. Social media needs extra attention because security settings have been known to change either by mistake or by miscommunication during retrogrades- you really can’t control what goes out there and who may see it so play it safe.

Anyone from our pasts (retrograde), present, or even someone important for our future (Aquarius) could surface. Aquarius rules groups of people, so it won’t be just one person back to us, it will bring back the whole tribe for good or ill. An old pal may want to offer us a job, but then his wife tells her sister who is now married to your ex-boyfriend from kindergarten’s cousin from Poughkeepsie and she remembers the time you slighted her at a party and uses the info on your job application just to mess with your life. Ups and downs and rights and lefts all over the place. If we are looking for someone right now it’s likely we will stumble on to them when and where we  least expect which can be wonderful and healing; but the same goes for us too. That wonderful career connection you just made with a new colleague could end up being what brings you back into contact with your old eighth grade rival (cringe). Or the guy working for a collection agency to recoup the money for a video that we forgot to return to Blockbuster in 1996 finds our old roommate/bassist we lived with at the time. We realize that our credit is trashed but we get the band back together!
As far as romantic relationships go this is an iffy time. Aquarius brings out the curiosity in us all and sometimes we may just reconnect with others but it’s just not a good time to do that. It’s too easy to start catching old feelings that can interfere with our present. We not only need to be are of our own past partners but those of our current partners. Misunderstanding are likely right now and an innocent “ how are You” or “you look happy” can be mistaken for more than friendly banter, especially if that person never really wanted to let go in the first place.  It is very important that we are all as honest with ourselves and our partners about whom we are communicating with and what about to avoid any problems. It would be a good idea to send a family portrait to your ex than one of your better bikini photos just in case the situation gets misread on either end.

For the single folks this can be a great time for a second chance with someone special however we are likely to get what we want but not how we want it. The one that got away may finally want to get back together, but he has 6 children with 6 different baby mamas and he needs $8,000 to pay his fines and back child support or he will spend the next 4 years in prison.  Or the girl you dated on college is now a Fortune 500 company owner and CEO. She would love to have lunch and offer you a job that you really need, but she’s no longer interested in dating since you dumped her in college because you were so over her raw food diet and the different smells that emanated from her because of it. We will catch the good with the bad and must try to remember what it was that drove us or them away before getting too invested in reliving the past. Their home, job and appearance may have changed but their basic drives, emotional needs, and their families have not, and neither have ours, probably. Communication is vitally important in order to for these reunions to work and that is not easy under this astrological weather.  Breakups of an Aquarian nature usually involve goals, social circle and matters of personal time and space, or the lack of them. Every issue needs to be laid out on the table and examined or the same result as before will ensue- separation and heartbreak. If the hard work is done and we are willing to adjust to each other then it can work out really well the second time around, but if it doesn’t, we can just try again under the next retrograde.