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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Aries- You may be moved to make your feelings known to someone special, but you must consider that your love interest may not be single or at least not available at this time. The key is to not to consider this a rejection, but a temporary setback that gives you time to do things right when the right time does come around. Try not to get stuck in the middle of a friend and their feuding lover; you don’t need to the blame when they make up.

Taurus- You may feel that your everyday devotion is enough, but your partner is expecting more for Valentine’s Day. Make sure that you at least have the requisite flowers and candy on hand just in case. Realize that the world will not fall down if you take some necessary time away from the job this week; your performance may even be better after a little rest and recreation.

Gemini- Be easy on your lover if you don’t receive all of the gifts that you expect, especially if you never told them exactly what you want. Misunderstandings are likely, so don’t assume that you are being slighted and lay your feelings on the table. You may realize that you have misunderstood your partner as well and this can bring you closer together and give you both a big laugh.

Cancer- It’d hard to loosen up right now when you can’t help but worry, but being rigid and cold will not help you win any favors. Know that the cardinal grand cross is just causing tension and that you can overcome it by being laid back and committing yourself to having some fun.  A special gift over the weekend will help soften your point of view on love and relationships.

Leo- You are center stage this weekend as the full moon shines in your sign! Just be sure that you are paying attention to the important people in your life and sharing the light with them.  You may have to remind your partner or close friends that you get a little insecure when new people enter your space so that you don’t let jealousy get to you later.

Virgo- There may not be as much fanfare this Valentine’s holiday as you may like, but know that the people who care about you will let you know how they feel in a less flowery, lower key way. Knowing where you stand with friends and lovers will put the rest of your life in perspective and ease a lot of tensions that have been holding you back from enjoying your free time.

Libra- Don’t allow minor obstacles to ruin your weekend plans; the key is to be flexible and have faith that things will go in your favor even if they don’t flow with your expectations. Long distance friends and relatives may want to visit- be sure that you are realistic about how much time you have and what accommodations you can offer before committing to any visitors.

Scorpio- You may not receive the candy and expected flowers, but you will get a sign that the devotion you’ve shown your loved ones is appreciated and reciprocated. Though, not so romantic, the intensity of the message will be more than you ever thought possible. Think very carefully before lending money, especially to in-laws and step family- you probably will not get it back and it can only cause family resentments that you really don’t need.

Sagittarius- Your search for the truth about your lovers’ past can only lead to misunderstandings if you don’t go straight to the source to get your information.  Be honest about what you’ve “heard” and give them a chance to explain before jumping to conclusions. Don’t forget the older people in your life this Valentine’s Day to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Capricorn- You may be feeling extra possessive at this time as Pluto is conjunct Venus in your sign, but there is really nothing to fear. Your emotions have just been ‘frozen” for so long that the outpouring from the thaw may be overwhelming. Take this as a sign that you need to be more open with your feelings and take the chance at being more vulnerable; magic can happen when you put your pride aside.

Aquarius- Mercury retrograde is propelling all your creepy exes to crawl out from under their rocks right now and it is a good idea to screen calls and emails carefully. Also, don’t announce any romantic plans on social media because you don’t need unwanted pests, guests to ruin your vibe. Try not to put off important business correspondence even if you are having fun this week because you’ll be more business minded later in the month and will want/need the opportunity.

Pisces- Try to make romantic plans in a location where unexpected guest can’t show up just in time to cause insecurity and jealousy in your current relationship.  If you are concerned about competition a short get away out of town would be best to provide you with the time and space to get in focus with your partner.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Black’s Weekly Horoscopes for February 2, 2014

Aries- A new hobby or interest could offer ways to meet new people, just make sure that the “old” people in your life get equal time or it could cost you emotionally and financially.  Watch for minor injuries while outdoors over the weekend.

Taurus-  Watch for a tendency to overeat at this time. Your eyes could be bigger than your stomach and diets are bound to be ruined as everything looks and smells so good. Also be sure to mind your budget as well, as your appetite may extend to shopping too.

Gemini- This is not the time to plan a vacation or get away as there is so much work coming your way.  You may need to ask co-worker or colleague for help or even hire an assistant. You can plan a break later when you have the time, the money, and maybe even a new and better person to share it with.

Cancer- Memories are wonderful, but you need to focus on the present- not the way things used to be. It’s okay to change your point of view, your mind, and even your relationship status to keep up with the here and now.

Leo-   You may feel like your friends are letting you down when they don’t have the time or resources to help you out, but it’s just that there are hard times all around and no one is in a position to help. You may be missing signals from a flirtatious new person on the job; be more in the moment and it will all come together.

Virgo- Lending a hand, an ear, or a shoulder to cry on for a friend in need is noble, but draw the line when it comes to your wallet.  You will be a lot more help as a pal and not a banker.

Libra- You may have been pushing your own agenda so much at this time that you may have not considered anyone else and how your decisions affect them.  Take a time to let anyone special in your life know that even when you get carried away with yourself, you still about them.

Scorpio-   You are likely to be found out anywhere that you have overstepped your boundaries or abused your power. Your charm will get you through in business, but your ticket is about to be punched when it comes to family.

Sagittarius- You may have to adjust your schedule and lifestyle to an unexpected visitor this week. Be prepared when an old friend or relative shows up. This will make you realize how much you have changed and grown.

Capricorn- Your instinct to go with tradition may take an unexpected turn when the current Aquarian energy pushes you towards new paths and new people in your work and social life. Others in your life may take a while to adjust to the new you.

Aquarius-  A lot of doors and opportunities are opening  and it may be daunting to choose which ones to walk through. Just don’t make choices based on your romantic notions; unless you are currently in a commitment don’t let your feelings affect the course of your life right now.

Pisces- It may be tempting to ignore your responsibilities and dive into artistic projects, but you have to find a balance between reality and fantasy.  Make sure that you are including your sweetheart in your creative pursuits so they don’t feel left out.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Black’s Weekly Horoscopes for January 25- 31, 2014

Aries- It feels like everyone is stepping all over your freedom these days and you just want to left alone. Take some time away by yourself (or with a cute new friend) before you blow up and damage family and social relations. An outdoor adventure is just what you need.

Taurus- You may have more than you need, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give it away. Keep your earnings to yourself because you may need them later. It’s great that you are so generous, but others can take advantage, especially ex lovers and/or their family. Say no and mean it.

Gemini- You may feel that you have faded into the background as you just are not getting the attention that you are used to, but it’s only temporary. Use this time to observe how others interact and you will learn a lot about the people around you.  Educational pursuits of all kinds will go well at this time.

Cancer- Things are going great, but sometimes it gets to be too much when you have no time to enjoy it. Grab your sweetie get out of town, even if for a day so that you can get a re-charge to your system.  Avoid bringing up past relationships to your significant other to avoid jealous fights.

Leo- It may be tempting to allow a flirtatious co-worker or colleague to lead you astray, but this is not the time to take risks in your main romantic relationship. Fidelity may not always be fun, but there is a reason you have chosen the person that you are with, and if those reasons haven’t changed don’t play with fire.

Virgo-There is a mad rush to your door when disaster strikes people you love, but even with your special skills you can’t fix everything or everyone.  Do what you can to help, but remember you’ll be no good to anyone if you don’t take care of you.  Take a chance on someone new who has been trying to get to know you.

Libra- Frustrations abound as Mars is tuck in your sign until July. This is the perfect time to start an exercise and/or diet regimen to help you deal with stress. Besides, the gym is a great place to meet available, attractive people and Mars can give you the confidence and drive to show yourself off.

Scorpio- It may seem as if Saturn will not let you make any progress these days but the good news is that old investments and project are starting to pay off. Just make sure that you keep your good fortune to yourself to avoid jealousy and poor relations with their hands out.

Sagittarius- You have been so strong for loved ones, and it will start to pay off as family matters improve and you get the acknowledgement that you need. An ex may decide to meddle in your current relationship and it’s time to set some boundaries and take all of your life back.

Capricorn- While Venus conjunct Pluto in your home sign this may be a difficult week especially when it comes to dealing with women. General cattiness and gossip can drag you down, but know they are just jealous, and if you resist the temptation to engage them you’ll be stronger and surer of yourself.

Aquarius- Happy Birthday water bearer!  With Mercury transiting your home sign you’ll have more than our share of communications to respond to, but try to pace yourself. You may need the energy when a new admirer enters the mix.

Pisces- You may have a lot of nervous energy this week and it is important that you don’t bring it into your workplace.  Your anxiety may be mistaken for not caring and could cost you an important promotion.  A message from an old friend can lift your spirits; make sure to follow up to keep the connection.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Diana Black’s Weekly Horoscopes for Saturday January 18-25, 2014

Aries- Make your feelings known to someone special before someone else scoops them up this week. She who hesitates loses at this time so be bold and go for what you want.

Taurus- Shiny objects don’t usually distract you, but it is better to err on the side of caution at this time and stay away from temptation in all of its forms; especially forbidden love.

Gemini- Congratulations are in order for the great impression you are making right now with your colleagues and peers, just be sure that you are sharing this with your lover so they don’t feel left out.

Cancer- take a time out to care for yourself while you are making sure that everyone else is okay; a spa or salon day can give you the confidence to show off your stuff to someone you have your eye on now.

Leo- You will win no points in romance if you can’t keep your promises and commitments; work on being more reliable with your lover even if it means giving up your love of spontaneity.

Virgo- Your lover’s bad habits may be getting harder to deal with, but arguing is not the answer. Invest in some organizational tools around the house to decrease the clutter and increase your passion.

Libra- You can’t put a price on loveliness and charm so use your to your advantage this week. Financial resources may be scarce so use what you’ve got to get the help that you need.

Scorpio- You are not likely to be impressed with someone who wants your attention, but ignoring someone’s feelings  can have lasting consequences – be kind but keep your boundaries.

 Sagittarius-Take the lead in group social outings that way you can orchestrate the evening and make sure that you get some face time with your crush while everyone has a great time.

Capricorn- Be careful about making any type of wagers at this time with coworkers; it’s not that they won’t pay off; it just that once you’ve won others will be jealous and uncooperative around the office.

Aquarius- Someone is trying to get a jealous reaction out of you right now, but you really don’t want to play games. Explain how you feel and refuse to be anyone’s toy.

Pisces- Share some of your recent thoughts with the person you love; they are not sure that your connection is still strong and really need some one on one time with you.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Diana Black’s Weekly Horoscopes for Saturday January 11- 17, 2014

Aries- Situations may require you to be more considerate of and cooperative with other people than you feel comfortable with right now, but your patience will pay off when you win your lovers’ heart- keep going forward, you’re almost there!

Taurus- Family and work responsibilities may be weighing you down, but know that the rewards will be coming your way. You may need to go out of your way to let your partner know that you still desire them, so make it special.

Gemini- Your relationships could be costing you more than you can afford, trading financial support for love and devotion can only end up in a disappointment. Find your sense of self worth and re-evaluate the situation when you are feeling stronger, but keep your wallet closed for the time being.

Cancer- You may feel that you are holding up the entire world right now because everyone is depending on you, but you need a release in order to stay strong. Let loose and give an old flame a second chance to prove their feelings for you.

Leo- You may be put on the spot by your partners’ friends or family; just be polite and say that you don’t feel comfortable discussing your relationship- especially if you’re not really sure where you stand. It may be time to think about where your feelings are taking you.

Virgo-   You have a lot of tough decisions to make about your love life at this time, just be sure that you consider how your choices affect others before it’s too late to turn around.

Libra-   If you who react with outrage and when someone close decides to go against tradition you will only create distance; smile and go along in order to preserve the relationship. Others will see the error of their ways soon enough on their own.

Scorpio- The effects of not taking care of business are showing, but there is help available and guides along the way to aid in making corrections. Try to express more emotion with your loved ones right now; they need to know that you are not made of stone.

Sagittarius- Be extra mindful that you are understood by those close to you as confusion can lead to misunderstandings that lead to arguments and jealousy, especially  where long-distance issues relationships are concerned.

Capricorn- Focus on what impresses you about your lover and not what everyone else may think. You can balance work and love in your life if realize that they require different energies from you- you don’t always have to be the boss.

Aquarius- Be sensitive to the older women in your life at this time; if you accidentally trigger jealousy and power struggles it can cause problems in your love, professional and home life.
Pisces-   Re-think a passive aggressive approach in love this week. You can’t achieve the relationship you long for if you do not communicate clearly with your partner- try an old-fashioned love letter if you are feeling tongue-tied.