Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mercury enters Capricorn

Today our thoughts will turn to more serious matters as Mercury, the thinking planet, enters Capricorn after a good run in fun-loving Sagittarius. Mercury rules our mental processes and rules language, trade and transportation, and when he switches signs our thinking picks up the flavor of the sign involved. In Capricorn it’s all about taking care of business and creating structure. We need to think about filing our taxes, studying for final exams, and getting ahead start on next year’s career path. This is an abrupt change right in the middle of the holiday season, the mind goes from the generous spirit of Sagittarius picking out the largest, most lavish gifts for loved ones to the Capricorn fear of how will ever pay off all this debt!

This shift in communication will affect relationships, especially those that do not have any “structure” to them.  In romance, what was just light -hearted “hooking up” fun last week will turn to thoughts of commitment; there will be a lot of folks running for the door when they are caught off guard by this energy.  Communications get “serious”. The fun road trip plans that were made in the recent past can easily turn into a grueling travel itinerary under this influence. Just expect that even “fun” events will have an overtone of order and structure, almost to the point of excessive organization, and that will try a lot of peoples’ patience. Just imagine the elves at the mall working extra diligently to keep unruly parents and children in line to see Santa!

The sun and new moon will join Mercury in Capricorn December 21, 2014, the Winter Solstice. We will get a heavy dose of reality at this time; this is when we have to pay the piper for all of our fun.If we have been good and have stuck to our budgets and not made promises we can’t keep we will start the New Year on solid (Capricorn) footing.