Weekly Horoscopes for January 23-30 2017

Try to use the resources you already have instead of borrowing or using credit. You can do that later when you are in a better position. Be extra respectful to authority figure as it will be easy to put them on the defensive without even trying

Be wary of anyone offering unsolicited advice; they may be trying to lead you astray. An important date with your significant other may not go as planned. An emotional discussion may get intense, and you may be faced with questions you don’t want to answer

Stay clear of gossip this week, you could get into more trouble than its worth. Pleasing your significant other may not be as hard as you think; just give them a little attention

Driving home your point may not be the best thing for you now, try to be patient with stubborn family members to keep peace. A sensual massage may be just the thing to bring you closer to your sweetheart; your touch is magic

Stay focused with your partner this week even if they seem distracted, they will find direction soon enough. Don’t be anxious about an upcoming meeting or interview; you’ve got this so let your confidence show

Your heart is precious, so go your own way and don’t let the love you choose be the result of a popularity contest with your friends. Be ready to work this week; overtime or extra demands may be required on the job

Making small talk with a stranger can get you more than you ever dreamed; that person could be a vital connection to your career. If you feel you need space then don’t be afraid to say so; your lover will understand, and you the break may be enough for the two of you to miss each other again

You are going to be very busy this week, so try to keep a schedule so that you don’t end up burnt out. An old flame may spark back up, but pay attention to new energy coming in before re-committing

Stay patient if you can, a new love is interested but they may have to clear out their past relationship first. Be safe when driving this week, road hazards can appear out of no where

You won’t believe your career luck this week; a new member of your work team may end up being more than just a colleague. Try to keep to your budget for now even if you do receive extra income; the time to spend will come soon enough

The time is right to go after your dream job, but you must be flexible to make it all happen; relocating may be in the cards to get you in position. An unexpected call or text from someone special can make your wee, but use restraint, too much too soon can cause it all to crash and burn

Someone may be trying to take advantage[DB1]  of you at work, but you can stop it if you make yourself unavailable to them. Don’t be tempted to push your lover for a deeper commitment than they are ready for; you could lose them all together


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