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Weekly Horoscopes for December 26-January 2, 2017

Some of the technology issues you have been having since this summer will straighten out and you may find some new ways of getting things done faster. You may have a calling to mentor someone younger than you or at least feel compelled to give them your best advice
You may be feeling more confident now and you should use that energy to make moves in your career plans. You will be able to put your best face forward. Save your kind words for your romantic partner; they need your loving touch and to know that they are number one
You may feel like communicating with everyone and telling them what you know, but think twice and keep your juiciest gossip for those that you know you can trust. Don’t make any rash judgments if you lover doesn’t seem in the mood; everyone gets tired sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they are tired of you
Be more careful with your personal information; you never know who may want to know more about you than you would like to reveal. Stay …

Weekly Horoscopes for December 19- 25, 2016

It’s Going to be a Busy Week!
Mercury goes Retrograde Monday December 19th
Winter Solstice Tuesday December 21st
December 25th Christmas Day
December 25th Hanukkah Begins
Your focus needs to remain on your loved ones and love life. The outside world can wait even if it’s trying to crash through your door; whatever is out there can wait until you’ve taken care of personal business. If you don’t have enough money, or forgot until the last moment to buy a gift for someone special, make a list of ten things you love about them. Words can be better gifts than gold
If you are trying to market a new business idea try to show rather than tell. Words will not convey your message the way a picture or demonstration will. Stay still and be patient when a lover or family lets loose with angry words; just smile and let them get it all out. After they are done the tears will flow and the truth will surface
Major advances in your job and career areas will be amazing, just be sure to make so…

Full Moon in Gemini December 13, 2016

This full moon is going to be very emotional for an air sign. The two sides of Gemini, the sign of the twins, will pull us both ways between our feelings and rational thinking. The upcoming holidays are stressful, but also joyful as we look forward to seeing some family and friends and dread seeing others. Whatever area this hits our natal chart we may feel torn in two and be forced to integrate our left and right brain thinking; no easy task.
There will be a lot of communication, and with Mercury (ruled by Gemini), the messenger planet, retrograde right around the corner on the 19th the past will be highlighted. It is possible that we will hear from or reach out to people that we have lost touch with or cut out of our lives previously. These connections will add to the push/pull energy of the season. We need to be careful with our words and reactions because the emotion of the moon and the confusion of the two sides of Gemini, especially in retrograde motion can leave us tongue tied o…

Weekly Horoscopes for December 12- 18, 2016

Making your mark on the world may be your goal these days, but it is very important that you focus on your home life and family foundation for the next few weeks. Solving the problems there will free up the energy for your worldly ambitions. Keep the communication flowing between you and your lover this week; your words and encouragement mean more to them than you know
Trying to please everyone will not work; what you do to make some people happy will only cause resentment in others. Do what pleases you first and your natural energy will even out the imbalances in your other relationships. If someone doesn’t notice you the way you’d like them to don’t be discouraged; they may have their own problems to deal with and they will catch up with you as soon as they can
A flood of emotion may accompany this full moon in your sign. Let yourself express this feeling; that is the key to integrating your two halves and creating balance in your life. Don’t get involved in any love …