Weekly Horoscopes for December 12- 18, 2016


Making your mark on the world may be your goal these days, but it is very important that you focus on your home life and family foundation for the next few weeks. Solving the problems there will free up the energy for your worldly ambitions. Keep the communication flowing between you and your lover this week; your words and encouragement mean more to them than you know


Trying to please everyone will not work; what you do to make some people happy will only cause resentment in others. Do what pleases you first and your natural energy will even out the imbalances in your other relationships. If someone doesn’t notice you the way you’d like them to don’t be discouraged; they may have their own problems to deal with and they will catch up with you as soon as they can


A flood of emotion may accompany this full moon in your sign. Let yourself express this feeling; that is the key to integrating your two halves and creating balance in your life. Don’t get involved in any love triangles at this time; you deserve someone who only has eyes for you and you alone


More and more you are realizing who belongs and who doesn’t in your life. Don’t be afraid to make the cuts, the extra energy and space in your life will attract the right people to you. Instead of trying to make friends with your coworkers you should just try to get along with them during the day and forget about them at night. You don’t need to invest so much energy just to get a paycheck


Creating boundaries with family members will not only get you the privacy you need, it will get them motivated to work on their own lives. When buying gifts for a lover don’t forget that it’s the thought that counts. Something that reminds them of a fond memory will go farther than the price tag attached


No one needs to hear what they are doing wrong all the time; try to focus on what is right with your loved ones this week and see the lovely changes occur. Don’t stop improving your work skills because you feel that you’ve achieved all that you can; you never know where you will end up next and what you learn now will pay off big later


Make a conscious effort to be generous to yourself when it comes to your flaws. You are a work in progress and look at how far you’ve come. Take a leap of faith when it comes to a new love interest; the past is over and if you dwell on it you will create those energies in your life one again


Your vision is expanding, but so are your challenges; if you try to balance this you will reach your goal much sooner. Stay close to safety this week; this is no time to take unnecessary risks in love or business. What you have already completed will start to pay off for you sooner than you know


Most people think that they deserve the best, but you know it, so don’t settle for seconds, and keep digging until you find the gold. Don’t give in to an ex lover when they ask for money or sympathy. Keep your energy guarded or you will never get rid of them


Nothing is better than enjoying the spoils of your own achievements, but be sure that you are sharing them with the right people. You’ve worked hard for what you have so don’t let anyone drain your resources; sharing is an act of caring. Be on the lookout for the person who doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for in a lover; your usual attractions aren’t working out so try something different


Blaming yourself is not the answer; you know there is nothing wrong with you and if others don’t see that then they are the problem! Look to those that recognize you as the ones with good taste; somewhere along the way you were taught that you weren’t good enough so anyone who thinks you are must not be good enough as well. Listen to your own logic, then look in the mirror and see that it’s all been a lie and you will see that there is beauty in your truth


Maybe it’s time to stop comparing yourself to others; trying to live by someone else’s standards is will never allow you to see who you really are. The world is waiting for you to become the star that you are, but you will never be seen when you stand in someone else’s light. If your current love insists on being a cheapskate you can’t change them, but you should insist that they pay their fair share


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