Full Moon in Gemini December 13, 2016

This full moon is going to be very emotional for an air sign. The two sides of Gemini, the sign of the twins, will pull us both ways between our feelings and rational thinking. The upcoming holidays are stressful, but also joyful as we look forward to seeing some family and friends and dread seeing others. Whatever area this hits our natal chart we may feel torn in two and be forced to integrate our left and right brain thinking; no easy task.

There will be a lot of communication, and with Mercury (ruled by Gemini), the messenger planet, retrograde right around the corner on the 19th the past will be highlighted. It is possible that we will hear from or reach out to people that we have lost touch with or cut out of our lives previously. These connections will add to the push/pull energy of the season. We need to be careful with our words and reactions because the emotion of the moon and the confusion of the two sides of Gemini, especially in retrograde motion can leave us tongue tied or can have us blabbing all over the place. We must watch for gossip.

What we learn about ourselves will be invaluable as we will see our own relationship patterns whether we want to or not. This will give us the chance to see how we have come to where we are and where we should go from here and what corrections (Mercury retrograde) to take. After all of the communication it is important that we take a moment to ourselves and meditate on the past, present and future.  This can bring up a lot of subconscious material from our hearts and psyche. Be ready to think and feel and weigh each carefully before responding.


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