Weekly Horoscopes for December 26-January 2, 2017


Some of the technology issues you have been having since this summer will straighten out and you may find some new ways of getting things done faster. You may have a calling to mentor someone younger than you or at least feel compelled to give them your best advice


You may be feeling more confident now and you should use that energy to make moves in your career plans. You will be able to put your best face forward. Save your kind words for your romantic partner; they need your loving touch and to know that they are number one


You may feel like communicating with everyone and telling them what you know, but think twice and keep your juiciest gossip for those that you know you can trust. Don’t make any rash judgments if you lover doesn’t seem in the mood; everyone gets tired sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they are tired of you


Be more careful with your personal information; you never know who may want to know more about you than you would like to reveal. Stay close to home if you are looking for new love; a neighbor may have more to offer than you know


Be wary of anyone offering you the opportunity to give charity to a good cause; it may be a scam so investigate before donating. Relax with your friends if you can’t find a date this week; your opportunity for love will come soon enough, so get in touch with your pals before you get into the love zone


A serious matter at work can cause delays on a project so don’t go too far too fast. Be safe when it comes to your heart and make sure that you know whom you are dealing with before you get too involved. There is no reason to think the worst; just take it slow


Play it smart in career pursuits and know all about everyone that you are dealing with. When you come to the table with an idea or proposal you’ll be glad you did your homework. Stay true to yourself when it comes to your love life; don’t change for anyone if you want to find the one


You may be surprised at how much you are valued by people you hardly know, but take the compliments as they come. Be wary of new friends and don’t be lax in your support of the old ones; things are not what they seem


Smart moves are best kept to yourself for now, so don’t let anyone know what you are planning in love or business; some people just have loose lips. Be forward when it comes to protecting yourself and don’t settle for less than you deserve


Know what the rules are when it comes to office politics; you could say something you may regret later. Play nice with in-laws and your lovers’ friends to make sure your relationship stays in good standing


Don’t forget your best friends when making decisions about your life. The people that know you best will have something to say that will make choices easier. Don’t pay attention to jealous haters at work; just know that you have gotten under their skin and they are running scared


An old friend will have the answers you need, but you may have to make amends first. Be honest, and you will reconnect in no time.


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