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Weekly (late) Horoscopes for May 30- June 4, 2016

Aries The battle that you are facing on the work front will be easy to overcome this week; you are in warrior mode and nothing and no one can stop you. It will be different when it comes to family relations, though. Female relatives may initiate a power struggle over traditions that have outworn their usefulness. Try not to let it get under your skin and try to channel the heat into your passion for your partner; it’s time for things to get hot between you again Taurus  There are a lot of opportunities at your doorstep right now, but try to separate issues of love and money. Business endeavors may present chances for romance, but choose which sector of your life you want these people in before you make any costly errors. Dating a client will not help you in any way, so decide if the person across the desk from you is for business or pleasure, not both. Call a relative that’s been under the weather so that they don’t feel like you have forgotten them Gemini There is more information c…

Mercury and the Truth of Our Hearts

Now that Mercury is direct connections will be made and answers will be forthcoming! The sun in Gemini (one of the signs ruled by Mercury ensures that we will be communicating with others and that we will uncover some of the truths that were unclear over the past few months or even years. We should all use this time to unravel misunderstandings and take the opportunity to tell our personal truths. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius are daring us to say what we mean and mean what we say no matter the consequences. The consequences may be very real, but they are also the only way to personal freedom, to take responsibility for our own hearts.
At this time we should concentrate on our throat and heart chakras so that we can release the words that hold us back. This is not only good for our spiritual health and relationships with others, its also good for our physical health because the back up of emotion can cause real medical problems. Throat, arm, hand and nerve issues are usually indicat…

Weekly Horoscopes for May 9-15, 2016

Aries Be cautious about any causes you take up or charities that you donate to at this time. There may be a push from your community to give to something that you are not sure about and you want to research where your resources go before giving.  A flirty new admirer doesn’t understand what “no” means; get help from an outside source before things get scary
Taurus It’s time to let go a little bit and allow others to figure out the rules on their own; you are a very protective friend but sometimes you have to let others grow. Some lessons cannot be taught and must be experienced, don’t rob someone of the chance to learn for themselves by taking the heat for them.  An upsetting incident with a coworker will let you realize that it’s time for a change of venue
Gemini Watch the words that you use this week- some of the people in your life will be very sensitive and it’s better to err on the side of caution even with the smallest of criticisms.  A thoughtless phrase is all it will take to…

Weekly Horoscopes for May 2-8, 2016

Aries Make an effort to stay out of other peoples’ karma this week. There are a lot of worthy causes out there that may attract your strength and desire to defend the weak; but take a really close look before you get involved. The predator may likely be the victim and vice versa; get all of the facts and examine them in order and in detail before volunteering any of your resources.  If you are wondering why someone hasn’t made their feelings known for you remember that they may not know that you are either interested or available for love or friendship; quit waiting and make your status and intentions known to them
Taurus You may feel more comfortable and confident than you have in a long time due to Venus’ entrance into your sun sign; but don’t forget to attend to routine business and maintenance to avoid any problems.  Your hard work in the past and Venus’ grace may bring you some new opportunities, but they won’t mean a thing if you forget to take out the trash, put off dong your …