Mercury and the Truth of Our Hearts

Now that Mercury is direct connections will be made and answers will be forthcoming! The sun in Gemini (one of the signs ruled by Mercury ensures that we will be communicating with others and that we will uncover some of the truths that were unclear over the past few months or even years. We should all use this time to unravel misunderstandings and take the opportunity to tell our personal truths. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius are daring us to say what we mean and mean what we say no matter the consequences. The consequences may be very real, but they are also the only way to personal freedom, to take responsibility for our own hearts.

At this time we should concentrate on our throat and heart chakras so that we can release the words that hold us back. This is not only good for our spiritual health and relationships with others, its also good for our physical health because the back up of emotion can cause real medical problems. Throat, arm, hand and nerve issues are usually indicative of a Mercury issue in the natal and/or transit chart. As above, so below it goes.It is interesting to see the results of medical testing results on those with "afllicted" Mercury. There is often an abundance of the element Mercury at play in the physical body. Vaccines, environmental toxins, tattoo inks and dental fillings are often are to blame when there is a health issue with the organs and systems we rely on to communicate and get at give what is needed in our environments. Sometimes just a cleanse or flush of vitamins and minerals (other elements)are all that are needed to get back into health.

Once we have tended to and listened to our own Mercury we can use it to connect our hearts and minds with those we love, and we may find out that we were on the same page all along and that seperateness we have felt from others is just a Neptunian illusion.While we can't make up for lost time, we can use this burst of Mercury to;"undo" or "edit" some of the past;with Saturn (reality/cold hard truth) and Mars (force and personal power for survival) in retrograde motion.

We can correct our courses and look to the future with a clear conscience and healthy heart and that is worth sticking our necks out for even if we do experience rejection or disillusion when the truth is all on the surface in relationships.This is Gemini time, and it will all even out, if one person isn't into what you have to say word will travel fast and someone else will like what they hear and will be inspired to pick up where they left off. Sometimes the space must be created for the optimal connection, so some separations will occur, but it is more likely that the structure of them will transform (Pluto in Capricorn) into something that works better for both parties. Some lovers will realize they are better at being friends or business partners and vice versa, so it not there that there isn't an exchange of positive energy ;it just that the roles will change. This will take some adjusting to, but the easy energy flow will aid in the process.

We may be surprised by the words of people from our pasts that we suddenly hear from after so many years. If there is something to be said, now is the time because we may not get another breath of fresh air like this for a very long time. We are worth it and so is the truth!


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