Weekly (late) Horoscopes for May 30- June 4, 2016

The battle that you are facing on the work front will be easy to overcome this week; you are in warrior mode and nothing and no one can stop you. It will be different when it comes to family relations, though. Female relatives may initiate a power struggle over traditions that have outworn their usefulness. Try not to let it get under your skin and try to channel the heat into your passion for your partner; it’s time for things to get hot between you again
 There are a lot of opportunities at your doorstep right now, but try to separate issues of love and money. Business endeavors may present chances for romance, but choose which sector of your life you want these people in before you make any costly errors. Dating a client will not help you in any way, so decide if the person across the desk from you is for business or pleasure, not both. Call a relative that’s been under the weather so that they don’t feel like you have forgotten them
There is more information coming your way then you could humanly process so give yourself a time out before making any decisions about your love and social life. Everyone is communicating and you will have plenty of invitations to choose from but try to think carefully before accepting; you want to choose the right crowd this time
You may feel a little crowded for a while with all of the people in your life coming to you in their time of need. The rush of life-altering problems you are expected to solve may be more than you want to handle so don’t be afraid to demand some space and time for yourself. A gift from an old lover may come in handy but it may also ignite the flames of the past; if you want a second go of it then make sure that what went wrong before doesn’t occur again
Your right to your own personal space may be an issue this week when someone new just doesn’t understand the word “no.” A needy person will want to take up more of your time and energy than you feel like giving and you may need some backup from a third party to get them to understand your boundaries. Give any of your supporters a big thank you hug for helping you pull off that special project
Make a point of making any due apologies this week. If you want to get back into someone’s good graces now is the time; forgiveness will be easy at the moment. Your career sector is on fire right now and that means that you need to make some important choices. Are you happy where you are? Are you earning enough? Think about now before the offers start pouring in so you can be prepared
Saying you care and showing you care are two separate issues, so know that is what it will take to keep your partner happy right now. The promises that you have made kept them with you but now you must make good on some of them so that they will stay. Make a big deal out of pleasing them and you will be back on track in no time. Finding the right words may be hard when it comes to saying goodbye to a colleague or coworker but it is important that they leave knowing how much you appreciated them
There are just too many messes to clean up right now so just pick one and get started. Mars and Lillith in your sign are making it too difficult to put up with power struggles and it’s time to do some serious housekeeping. Life changing endings are on the way, but so is the start of something new. Save your cash if you can so that you can start over without having to struggle. Don’t forget about any important birthdays coming up so you don’t have to rush around for a gift at the last minute
Things may go back and forth this week, one moment everything’s stable the next a major shift is occurring. The good news is that these shifts will be mostly positive and easy to deal with, but some of the more insecure people in your life will not like the changes for fear of losing you. You will need to decide what means more to you, your freedom, or this person’s feelings. An investment from 6 months ago will pay off giving you a little more wiggle room in your finances, but save what you can for your next vacation fund
Your daily routine may need a change of pace and faces. Make a point of finding somewhere new to shop for groceries or gas so that you can expand your horizons. There are a lot of worthy people to meet in your area you just need to make small changes to find them. A boss or supervisor may want to let you that they are in charge; but just know that they are jealous of your skills and you’ve got them running scared
Play nice with neighbors this week, you may need their help in the near future so it’s a good idea to form a connection if you don’t have one already. Share your secrets for success with people younger than you, it will benefit you as well when you see how much you’ve learned and how much influence you have. Don’t pick up the phone when your ex calls in the middle of the night; nothing good will come of it and you will just lose sleep
Stay close to home this week so that you will be around to see someone interesting moving into your neighborhood. You will want to be the first person to welcome them and mark your territory before anyone else can get there. If you make a mistake at work, just be sure to be the first one to admit and correct it so that no one can hold it over your head later


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