Weekly Horoscopes for May 9-15, 2016

Be cautious about any causes you take up or charities that you donate to at this time. There may be a push from your community to give to something that you are not sure about and you want to research where your resources go before giving.  A flirty new admirer doesn’t understand what “no” means; get help from an outside source before things get scary

It’s time to let go a little bit and allow others to figure out the rules on their own; you are a very protective friend but sometimes you have to let others grow. Some lessons cannot be taught and must be experienced, don’t rob someone of the chance to learn for themselves by taking the heat for them.  An upsetting incident with a coworker will let you realize that it’s time for a change of venue

Watch the words that you use this week- some of the people in your life will be very sensitive and it’s better to err on the side of caution even with the smallest of criticisms.  A thoughtless phrase is all it will take to make a scene. Make sure that you are paying attention to the signals a new love interest is giving you; they want to get closer but are having a hard time finding the words

A family celebration is not the best way to introduce a new lover to your people. It would be very overwhelming at this time. Try a quiet dinner in order to let everyone get to know one another without all of the pressure. An investment opportunity may not be worth getting involved in, but it will inspire you to create one for yourself so pay attention to all of the details

You may need to make a stand when it comes to protecting your possessions. Someone may try to take advantage of your generosity if you aren’t watching carefully so keep everything secure for now. You may need to reschedule some work commitments when an old friend shows up and wants to have a night out on the town; it will be worth it catch up with them and you really need a break

A flippant remark by a friend or sibling may bring up some old issues this week. Use this time to explore what it was that made you hurt now that you are in a safe place in your life. Examining your old wound will free up your energy to put towards new endeavors and relationships. A raise in income may having you looking for new real estate; take your time so that you can get all of the amenities that you want instead of settling for less in order to speed up the relocation process

Be very selective about anyone that you let into your sphere of influence right now, especially if they are new to you. You are usually socially savvy, but it is too easy for someone unwanted to slip under your radar and even harder to get rid of them. A workshop or training class may be the answer to any employment problems; a minor boost in your skill set will turn everything around for you

Most of the connections and reconnections coming your way will be delightful, but there will be at least one unpleasant surprise. Someone you really don’t want to be associated with will find their way back into your life this week and it is very important that you resist the temptation to react to their presence.  Keep your cool and you will have more energy to focus on social and business opportunities; just start small whatever you do and work your way up to ensure success

You may feel like lashing out at a colleague or coworker this week with the tension building in the workplace, but it will only make things worse if you let loose. Look to your superiors for support instead of confronting anyone; let the higher ups deal with the nonsense. An unexpected phone call from a new admirer will give you the confidence to get back in the dating game, just be sure to be honest with your own feelings for the best outcome

Expect that some of your more jealous relatives and friends will not be supportive of some of the wonderful things coming into your life. They may be busy when you want to celebrate or just not very impressed by your news. Let them keep your distance; their envy will only spoil the mood. This shift will create room for new people who are there for you for better or worse. When deciding between two dates or social events this week- go with the one that allows you to totally be yourself

Changing your appearance is great if it’s just time for an update, but if you are trying to redo you to impress anyone else your plan will not work. A misunderstanding may cause you to believe that a new look will bring you closer to someone you want to know better, but the best way to get close to them is to be you. Check that you signed all important documents in all the right places to prevent delays in business


Be wary of anyone with their hand out this week, even if you have no reason to believe that they won’t repay you. People falling on hard times, even some of the ones you love will say or do anything to get what they want when they are desperate; don’t be an enabler and keep your wallet closed. A thoughtful act or gift from your beloved will let you know that your relationship is deeper then you thought


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