Weekly Horoscopes for May 2-8, 2016

Make an effort to stay out of other peoples’ karma this week. There are a lot of worthy causes out there that may attract your strength and desire to defend the weak; but take a really close look before you get involved. The predator may likely be the victim and vice versa; get all of the facts and examine them in order and in detail before volunteering any of your resources.  If you are wondering why someone hasn’t made their feelings known for you remember that they may not know that you are either interested or available for love or friendship; quit waiting and make your status and intentions known to them

You may feel more comfortable and confident than you have in a long time due to Venus’ entrance into your sun sign; but don’t forget to attend to routine business and maintenance to avoid any problems.  Your hard work in the past and Venus’ grace may bring you some new opportunities, but they won’t mean a thing if you forget to take out the trash, put off dong your laundry or pay that nagging bill first. An active social life may complicate romance if you go of schedule; make your commitments to your sweetheart your first priority right now and all will fall into place

Cutting a friend or family member out of a deal or event that they created may seem like a shortcut to your personal success but it may cost you a lot more  in the long run if you need their support in the future. It’s one thing to be clever, but find someone more appropriate as a mark than one of the few people that you can count on. A comment from a younger friend will let you know that your good looks are more appreciated in your social circle than you ever knew- all that primping does pay off

Giving in to an adult relative’s childish demands will only prolong your pain and will enable your loved one to get into their usual trouble. Don’t allow tears to affect your good judgment and don’t participate or donate to anything that isn’t in their best interest. Make sure that you are watching out for all of the little signs that shy people give off when they like you; someone is waiting for you to notice their interest so tune in with your sensitivity to pick up the vibe

If you want to take any business or career risks right now make sure that you don’t invest in anything that you don’t have the right to know everything about. Even if you feel secure about a person’s or company’s honesty and integrity, be wary when you hear “trust me”.  Take the initiative to create your opportunities to avoid losses. A group outing is the best way to get a new love interest comfortable enough to open up to you, so invite everyone but out your focus on them

 A family event may have your siblings regressing back to their usual childish ways, but this time it’s best to put the childish power plays away and relate them in a mature fashion. You don’t want to expend your energy rehashing the past, so just understand that you can lend your strength to the situation and be the leader that helps to quell their anxieties. Once you attended to family, enjoy the benefits of your hard work as a promotion or raise this week will let you know that you are finally back in control

Most of your dealing with others will be pleasant this week, but expect those who don’t feel as blessed as you to project their jealous feelings on to you. Avoid the pressure and don’t let anyone tell you that you deserve anyone’s ill will just because you have something or someone that they don’t. Be on guard for any salesmen using scare tactics to get your business especially those that cannot produce their credentials

An old issue will finally be cleared up with a family member this week, but the truth may not be pretty. You may have to forgive someone in order to get yourself free of them, but once you do they can’t hurt you anymore.  A major breakthrough concerning an old career move will have you dealing with a past work environment. Just try to keep strong boundaries in place between work and home life to avoid the gossip and drama that plagued you in the past

Hang on for a while longer before getting too frustrated with your circumstances on the job. Things are changing in your favor but the process is slow and painstaking. Keep your goal in sight and you will see results in your paycheck soon enough. A flirtatious neighbor may not realize that you are single and available. Try to strike up an innocent conversation with them so that you can let your relationship status slip out and let them take the lead from there

A boring work event can offer up a chance to connect with other ambitious and single people in your industry this week. Just be sure that you keep any sparks that you feel between you and your new interest; you don’t want to be the target of office gossip. Your confidence is on the rise, so use this time to go after some of the targets on your to-do list while you are feeling brave and have some solid security beneath your feet

You are usually a very inclusive, nonjudgmental type when it comes to meeting other people, but this week you should listen to your “inner snob” when presented with a new set of social opportunities. There are some times when discernment can keep you out of big trouble. Several old flames will want to reconnect. But if their first words to you aren’t “I apologize, I am sorry, I was wrong, etc.” then just know that nothing has changed at all. So keep your heart and wallet closed until one of them says the right words t show they are worthy of a second chance

You have an opportunity to reclaim an old friend or lover, but you must be humble enough to admit that you were a little bit of a jerk back then. It won’t hurt a bit and if you are sincere your loved one will not make you grovel to get back into their good graces. Your creative ideas, art work, original music, etc. are more marketable than you know, so if someone wants to use it or purchase it don’t be afraid to ask for what you know your stuff is worth


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