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Weekly Horoscopes for April 25-May 1, 2016

Aries You may have to take a back seat to an older relative’s will this week. Family matters will be prominent and some of your plans may need to be rearranged to accommodate them. Just don’t allow the drama to get to your romantic relationship, you will need your partner to help you decompress after dealing with your people
Taurus You may feel freer than you have in a long time. Social and business constraints will loosen up, but it’s important to remember not to let this positive energy lead you down a negative path when it comes to spending. It’s okay to be generous with your time but keep your wallet in your back pocket for now. You may need to smooth over a rift with your sweetheart sometime this week; use your culinary skills to make things right
Gemini A social or professional group you have relied on will be breaking up and you will need to find a new support system for the future. You won’t lose all of your people, but distance and time will make it very difficult for you to…

Weekly Horoscopes for April 18-24, 2016

Aries A chance encounter with an old friend can provide the opportunity to clear the air about a past situation, but it may also end up in a new job opportunity. A new way to use your old skills may be just what you need to get the balance your need. Don’t take chances with shady on- line dating or secret admirers. If someone isn’t willing to give you their identity, it is time to move on and the quicker the better
Taurus A visiting friend or relative of a superior in your work environment may be eyeing your job as the perfect gig for them if they choose to move to your area. Make your work seem tedious and boring; your position is strong but you don’t really need the competition breathing down your neck. Make sure that childcare is taken care of before you make any plans with your partner; even if you or they do not have children make sure that they aren’t sitting for a niece or nephew before making adult plans
Gemini Your tongue is sharper than you are aware of these days, so you s…

Weekly Horoscopes for April 11-17, 2016

Aries A blatant attack on your character will not stick, so try to resist the urge to fire back at your slanderer. In this instance your silence will speak louder than your voice ever could. The good people around you will defend you and you will know where you stand.  Be a support for your romantic interest now, but try to give in to the urge to take over the path to their goals. They have to find success for themselves, but you get to share it with them
Taurus Insecurity may cause problems in your relationships if you spend a lot of time with a new a crowd of people. You need to introduce your new friends to your old friends in such a way that they don’t feel pushed aside.  A small get together can get everyone used to each other as you get used to your new popularity. A small gesture from your sweetheart will let know that all is still well even after any arguments that you’ve had lately
Gemini Try to be a team player at work even though you may feel that you can do it all on you…

Weekly Horoscopes for April 4- 10, 2016

Aries It may be easier to take the blame yourself, or at least run interference to cushion the blow, for the mistakes of someone you love this week. But be mindful that if you take their consequences they will continue to repeat the pattern and rely on you to take the heat- ask yourself, is it worth it? You are in a position to get anything you want right now, and that includes the love you need, so just make your feelings known and enjoy what comes your way with grace
Taurus A conversation with family members can clear a lot of cobwebs in your mind about the past. Sometimes other people’s memories are clearer and longer than our own, especially when it comes to emotional situations where objectivity is not possible. Once your hindsight is clear, your conscience will be too, and you will be free to move forward without the weight of the past. . If you wait for someone to enter your comfort zone you are wasting your time.  Take a detour from your daily routine and go to a different gr…