Weekly Horoscopes for April 11-17, 2016

A blatant attack on your character will not stick, so try to resist the urge to fire back at your slanderer. In this instance your silence will speak louder than your voice ever could. The good people around you will defend you and you will know where you stand.  Be a support for your romantic interest now, but try to give in to the urge to take over the path to their goals. They have to find success for themselves, but you get to share it with them

Insecurity may cause problems in your relationships if you spend a lot of time with a new a crowd of people. You need to introduce your new friends to your old friends in such a way that they don’t feel pushed aside.  A small get together can get everyone used to each other as you get used to your new popularity. A small gesture from your sweetheart will let know that all is still well even after any arguments that you’ve had lately

Try to be a team player at work even though you may feel that you can do it all on your own. You will need the support of your colleagues to get through the next few months even if it doesn’t seem so right now. Don’t settle for a romantic situation that doesn’t support your needs; if the one you love can’t give you the time and energy that you deserve consider outing the brakes on until they have the ability to give you what you need

 A serious talk with a family member can lead to a change of heart when it comes to your career direction. You may have been sticking with something that you don’t really like because you feel that it makes other proud of you, but when you realize that it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are happy, the door opens for change. Making a small change in your appearance will give you the confidence to make yourself known to someone you’ve had your eye on

Someone you really never wanted to see again will appear at exactly the worst time this week, so be prepared. You have the strength and courage to stick up for yourself now and it’s time to let everyone know. A social event will bring the right people together that you need to start on a new project, just don’t allow anyone’s jealousy to get in between you and the goal you have in sight. Give your partner extra affection so that they won’t be insecure about the time you need to spend with others to get things done

 Attend to routine health and work matters this week as you may not feel like tacking anything else. Take this time to take care of you so that you will have the strength to go after your goals later in the month. A little rest and pampering will do wonders. An attractive new person will wait for you if need more time; just ask because they know that you are worth it

Someone is trying to confuse you so that they can redirect you from their misdeeds. If you are looking for the culprit in any sabotage, look for that quiet little mouse in the corner that feels that you are not giving them the attention they deserve. Push them out the door before they do any more damage. You will benefit from someone else’s misfortune on the job; an illness or crisis will leave them unable o do their work and you will move up into their spot; be gracious

New opportunities are popping up, but you must be very careful where you decide to out your precious energy. There is a lot of excitement in the air, but only a few other the offers coming your way have any merit.  Ask someone older and with more experience for advice. A complete misunderstanding with your lover may cause an argument that turns into a heartfelt talk that opens doors and takes the two of you to the next level

Your marketing skills are at an all time high, use this energy to get ahead of the pack and don’t worry about a lack of support from others.  No one can do for you what you can at this time. An ex may want a favor and it won’t be an easy one; don’t give in, it will only turn into a hassle and not the great adventure that they promise

Financial opportunities may come your way this week, but you will have to keep it all a secret for a while so that some of the people in your life don’t come looking for a handout. It’s great that you are generous, but consider that you are not helping anyone with their own growth if they can always depend on you. Make sure that you thoroughly check out any new living situations carefully to make sure that the security and peace of mind that you seek are available

The dismay you are feeling at a colleague’s invasion into your personal life may be very difficult to mask. The building tension will bring all of the little issues that have gone on between you to the surface. It may be inconvenient to find other work prospects but it will be worth it to keep your emotional life steady and even.  An old friend from the past, whom was also a secret crush, will finally show back up just in time to help you sort everything out

Go the distance this week for someone you care about. It may just mean keeping your phone turned on during your usual “me” time, or sharing something special that you usually reserve for yourself. The sacrifices you make now will pay off for you later. It’s important that you make your real feelings known to your partner; if jealousy has been affecting you lately it’s time to talk about it and get it out in the open so that healing can occur


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