Weekly Horoscopes for April 25-May 1, 2016

You may have to take a back seat to an older relative’s will this week. Family matters will be prominent and some of your plans may need to be rearranged to accommodate them. Just don’t allow the drama to get to your romantic relationship, you will need your partner to help you decompress after dealing with your people

You may feel freer than you have in a long time. Social and business constraints will loosen up, but it’s important to remember not to let this positive energy lead you down a negative path when it comes to spending. It’s okay to be generous with your time but keep your wallet in your back pocket for now. You may need to smooth over a rift with your sweetheart sometime this week; use your culinary skills to make things right

A social or professional group you have relied on will be breaking up and you will need to find a new support system for the future. You won’t lose all of your people, but distance and time will make it very difficult for you to rely on them. A change of residence may seem tempting but be sure that your finances are in order before making a move, especially if it’s to be closer to a sweetheart

You may feel a little grumpy this week, so it may be best to skip any social events where you are required to be charming for too long. This will give you a chance to care for yourself and catch up on your “me time”. You may want to be supportive of your lover, but interfering in their business will only cause resentment. Instead of meddling let them know that you trust their judgment; your vote of confidence will do more than any idea that you could give them

Watch out for obsession, not yours but someone else’s this week. You have made an impression on someone and they are becoming attached to you even if you do not share their feelings. Take extra precautions with your privacy to avoid problems. Keep your opinions to yourself this week at work; there will political discussions that you do not want to be involved with

You will need a strategy to get through a boring social function; focus on the connections you can make and the people that mean something to you. More money means more opportunities, but you must manage it wisely to make it go as far as you need it to. Be wary of anyone asking to borrow from you now that you have something in your pocket; even if they are good looking and promise to pay you back because that will make it all worse in the long run

New clothes and accessories are going to make you feel great, but only if you stick within your budget. The good news is that your sense of style and a little help from Venus will help you find the finest things at the lowest prices if you shop around with what you want in mind.  A jealous friend can cause a lot of problems if you flaunt your relationship in front of them; try to be considerate of their feelings or see them only when you are alone if you want to keep the friendship going

Your financial sense is better than your romantic intuition, so if you feel like taking risks try the stock market rather than in love this week. Your mind will be naturally attuned to money, so use this energy to build up your holdings or to find a way to eliminate debt. It’s not that there is any real danger to your love life unless you choose to play fast and loose with commitment or try to merge with someone that you know to be the wrong energy for you

 A fun encounter with friends may become intense if the teasing gets to be too much and someone hits one of your sensitive spots. Examine what you are feeling before you reacting and you will learn something new about yourself and be able to heal from it. Accept invitations that give you a chance for self promotion

A crisis concerning an old friend can bring about a lot of social activity that will stimulate a love from the past, but it may be a very inconvenient time as one or both of you may be spoken for romantically. The drama will unfold and if you follow your heart, whether it tells you to reconnect or to reminisce and release, the final outcomes will all be up to you

Don’t be vague in any of your interactions; misunderstandings are likely so it is very important that you err on the side of caution, especially with travel plans and contracts. A business contact may mistake your kindness for flirtation this week so have a speech prepared to handle matters professionally. Know that an offer of money or resources from a family member will come with strings attached, so don’t take it if you can find another way to your goal


An unexpected visit or message from an old friend can bring you back (regression) to a place where you felt wounded. Try to remember that this occurred a long time ago and the threat has passed, what you are feeling is just residual resentment that needs to be purged. Use this opportunity for healing as you see how far you’ve come


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