Weekly Horoscopes for April 4- 10, 2016

It may be easier to take the blame yourself, or at least run interference to cushion the blow, for the mistakes of someone you love this week. But be mindful that if you take their consequences they will continue to repeat the pattern and rely on you to take the heat- ask yourself, is it worth it? You are in a position to get anything you want right now, and that includes the love you need, so just make your feelings known and enjoy what comes your way with grace

A conversation with family members can clear a lot of cobwebs in your mind about the past. Sometimes other people’s memories are clearer and longer than our own, especially when it comes to emotional situations where objectivity is not possible. Once your hindsight is clear, your conscience will be too, and you will be free to move forward without the weight of the past. . If you wait for someone to enter your comfort zone you are wasting your time.  Take a detour from your daily routine and go to a different grocery to get your supplies or a different gas station to fill up your ride if you are looking to meet someone new

Use your mental powers to bring some peace to the disagreements among your friends and family; its’ not enough to use words, there has to be cerebral power behind them. The usual smooth-overs won’t do so a little extra thought is needed to get what you want and need at this time. Try to resist the temptation to take any shortcuts in love; the truth and nothing but the truth is the only things that will work. You will be forgiven for making mistakes, but not for lying about them

A friend may flake out on event or vacation plans, but don’t let that slow you down. You will have more fun and make better time on your own. It also gives you the ability to do things that you don’t want the folks back home to know about, so try to see the cancellation as liberation and not rejection. Address any boundaries issues with love rivals immediately; anyone that gets in your space at this time will be difficult to remove later so don’t give anyone te chance to get near your sweetheart

The attention you seek is yours for the having as long as you don’t wander into anyone else’s spotlight this week. It may be tempting to take the credit for someone else’s achievements or to take over someone else’s starring role, but that can only cause you to lose your own place. You have more than enough to brag about on your own so keep up with what you have for now. Your confidence will get you what you need in business right now, just remember that you have to rely on others to get things done so be considerate and generous while you’re winning

 Your anxiety is your best asset this week; pay attention to that feeling in your gut so that you can avoid problems in the future. Whether it is a new job, apartment or relationship you know when something is not right so don’t sign or commit to anything until those nagging doubts go away; you deserve the best. A jealous friend may try to get in between you and a potential new love interest; don’t over think it – ditch the friend

A petty disagreement can pull you and your lover apart if you allow any third parties to come in between the two of you. There is a lot of envy going on around you and it would not be difficult for a sneaky rival to use it against you, so try to keep any riffs private. Older relatives will need extra support at this time; do what you can but don’t over extend yourself to help them because that won’t do anyone any good in the long run

Relatives may try to force you into a position of responsibility, but you have reason to allow them to do that, even if you can handle it. It’s time that other people learned to clean up their own mess and you must stay out of it because enabling them to deflect the blame does not help their growth. An ex lover may want your support in a new business project but you already know better than to go down that road; don’t do it no matter how charming they can be

This is a great time to toot your own horn and promote yourself in your career interests. Just be sure that you are prepared to back up what you say you can do to avoid any embarrassing incidents. A new flirtation can quickly become an obsession if you jump in too fast. Take some time and try to keep your head and hormones in check before changing your life to impress someone you hardly know

Make a conscious choice about what you want instead of taking what comes your way at this time. It is okay to say “no” to anyone or anything that doesn’t meet your standards. If that offends anyone, let it be their problem and not yours. A family heirloom or inheritance may spark jealousy your family dynamic; if it was left to you then it’s yours, end of story

Play the strong silent type in order to get what you want this week. If you try to bully or guilt anyone into anything it will not work out. Stating your position and your needs and then attending to your own business is the only way to drag the people you want and need into your line of thinking.  Be extra careful about whom you allow access to your financials right now; desperate people will do desperate things to achieve their goals if they have the ability

Stay neutral until you know all of the facts in a sticky business situation. If you feel that someone is doing something illegal or unethical you should pay attention and take notes, but wait until you have proof of any wrongdoing before going to superiors or authorities. Jumping to conclusions will only create costly misunderstandings and consequences for everyone involved. If you are considering taking the “next step” in your relationship this is a great time to do it; don’t allow past memories to dictate your future


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