Weekly Horoscopes for April 18-24, 2016

A chance encounter with an old friend can provide the opportunity to clear the air about a past situation, but it may also end up in a new job opportunity. A new way to use your old skills may be just what you need to get the balance your need. Don’t take chances with shady on- line dating or secret admirers. If someone isn’t willing to give you their identity, it is time to move on and the quicker the better

A visiting friend or relative of a superior in your work environment may be eyeing your job as the perfect gig for them if they choose to move to your area. Make your work seem tedious and boring; your position is strong but you don’t really need the competition breathing down your neck. Make sure that childcare is taken care of before you make any plans with your partner; even if you or they do not have children make sure that they aren’t sitting for a niece or nephew before making adult plans

Your tongue is sharper than you are aware of these days, so you should be mindful of how exacting you can be at the moment. Some of your more sensitive friends may be confused or hurt by your words. Save the sarcasm for the folks that like it rough. If you have been holding back your desire for a deeper commitment from your partner, it may be hurting your relationship. Face your fears in the mirror, then be brave face to face with the one you love and speak your truth

A run-in with an old enemy may seem like an unpleasant trip down memory lane but it will answer a lot of questions about your past that need to be answered before you can break through into the future. Use this occasion to face any doubts that you have about how far you have come since then. A push for space from your partner may feel like rejection but it’s just a testing period so they can gauge where the relationship is going. Giving them a chance to miss you is will make them aware how much they really need you, and the best way to keep them

 It may feel natural to make grand promises right now with all of the confidence coursing through your veins, but try to restrain grandiosity. It could a pledge of time or money to a worthy cause, that is certainly worthwhile, but may cause you to overextend yourself in the long run. Use this energy to further your own interests so you afford to be so generous in the future. It’s time to let your partner be responsible for the date night planning; let them choose where to go even if it’s not your taste, you may enjoy it

If the hair on the back of your neck is standing up when you talk to the strange guy at your job then it is not a good idea to see him outside of work, even if you think it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes you have to let civility take a back seat to your instincts, and this is one of those instances. A spot of gossip about an ex-lover will explain a lot about your relationship, and make you so glad that you got out of that situation when you did

A power struggle with a relative may become so ridiculous that you finally give them an ultimatum to stay out of your life. This has been a long time coming, and you will have plenty of support from other family members. Just try not to hurt them too bad, you just want them to learn boundaries. An uncomfortable situation can bring out the best in your sweetheart; let them be a hero for you

The truth will come oozing out under this week’s full moon, and it may be an intense, but you will find out what you have been hiding from yourself. Your shadow will greet you, but may not be as scary as you think. Money that has long been due to you will finally find its way back into your wallet; make sure that you protect it, even from those that you love. They mean well, but their financial judgment is not as astute as yours

Don’t take any chances when it comes to getting around this week, make sure that all your transportation needs are covered and that you also have a backup for any important appointments or events. Engines may not cooperate as they normally do so have an alternate plan to get where you need to go. A spark of interest could turn into white hot flame with a co-worker, but before you catch fire have a plan in case it fizzles out. It will be very uncomfortable to see this person every day if you decide to end things

You may not be getting any financial windfalls at this time, but the good news is that you will be offered many ways to lessen your current expenses. Look for chances to refinance or to bundle utilities, etc. The little bit you save now can come in handy later. Blind dates may not turn out as planned; even though you may not find your life partner you could meet a new friend that introduces you to a new beloved hobby

You may feel like enjoying your freedom for a while, even though there are no shortage of romantic opportunities. Get used to saying “I’m not really looking for commitment right now” because you will need to keep your options with all of the choices that you have and you don’t want to lead anyone on. Pay attention to a coworker’s interest in your personal life; don’t give them anything to gossip about  


An opportunity to connect spiritually with others in your community may seem like a great way to broaden your horizons, but just be sure that the group you get involved with has your best interest at heart. Your caring nature may lead you to take on responsibilities that you may regret later. Give your sweetheart a gift with special meaning rather than an expensive piece of bling; they will love it so much more 


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