Weekly Horoscopes for December 19- 25, 2016

It’s Going to be a Busy Week!

Mercury goes Retrograde Monday December 19th

Winter Solstice Tuesday December 21st

December 25th Christmas Day

December 25th Hanukkah Begins


Your focus needs to remain on your loved ones and love life. The outside world can wait even if it’s trying to crash through your door; whatever is out there can wait until you’ve taken care of personal business. If you don’t have enough money, or forgot until the last moment to buy a gift for someone special, make a list of ten things you love about them. Words can be better gifts than gold


If you are trying to market a new business idea try to show rather than tell. Words will not convey your message the way a picture or demonstration will. Stay still and be patient when a lover or family lets loose with angry words; just smile and let them get it all out. After they are done the tears will flow and the truth will surface


Major advances in your job and career areas will be amazing, just be sure to make some room for your private life this week. Celebrating a raise or promotion is great but if you don’t share it with those who matter you will alienate them and they may not be there when the buzz dies down. Stay safe on the roads; don’t let anyone tell you they are okay to drive due to be being over-tired or under the influence


If you want to unload some of your emotional baggage try writing it down first and read it carefully. The confusion in your head isn’t necessarily what’s in your heart, so be clear about what you want to say to people who matter before speaking it out loud. You may be motivated to improve your surroundings, just be sure that you don’t step on anyone’s boundaries when rearranging the furniture or landscaping


Be grateful for what you have; if a friend seems to have more than you, look a little closer before allowing yourself to envy them; what looks like a bounty may really be a burden. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone you miss dearly; don’t let your pride override your heart


Give someone in your life a break before judging them too harshly. You are very exacting and you may be overlooking certain circumstances that they cannot control. Be giving and loving, but also remember that you have boundaries in place for a reason. Don’t allow anyone to take anything that you consider over the limits


Making mistakes is part of the creative process, and if you look closely you may find that the error that you are beating yourself up over is really the answer you’ve been looking for all along. Don’t allow anyone to make you believe that you are only worth what they say you are; you are priceless and if they can’t see that they are the ones with the complex, not you!


Stay steady as you come into your own; what was hidden is now revealed and it may be a little shocking. The only thing you can control is your own reactions, so be the eagle you know you are and soar. Faces from the past may be welcome, but hard to fit into your present circumstances; go with your heart instead of your rational mind to create order and peace


The risks that you have taken may pay off in surprising ways, though not the way you thought that they would. If you let go of your expectations you will reap your rewards. Don’t insist that someone love you the way that you want because that may not be what you need and you could lose them all together. Receive what is given and let the old ways dissolve to find peace


Start your New Year’s career resolutions early so that you have a jump on everyone else. Reach out to those that matter now instead of waiting for the holiday buzz to die down. Be open to those people from the past who will surely be in contact soon; you don’t have to let them back into your life, but listen to what they have to say so that blockages in your heart may be resolved


Networking has never been more important than right now. Your ideas will get through to those that can do wonderful things for your future. Stay strong and don’t budge when someone that has wronged you wants another chance; you can forgive them, but don’t allow them to hurt you again


Your conscience may be bothering you about some of the things that have occurred this year, but the good news is that it’s not too late to fix any mistakes you have made. Not only will you feel better, you may be offered new opportunities because of your honesty. A light at the end of a long tunnel is coming for your most important relationship; you will find that it was worth the wait


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