Weekly Horoscopes for January 2- 8, 2017


Don’t be afraid to show your unconventional side when it comes to expressing your creative side at home and how you educate and raise your children. Tradition is great, but you know something that the collective doesn’t. Love gets stronger, but that means you must be more understanding and giving with your partner


Your heart is very open right now, and you are freely giving love to all, but make sure that no one takes anything else that you don’t intend to give. Keep your financial boundaries strong. Having friends over is great, but spending alone time with your romantic partner is favored


Be wise when it comes to allowing new people into your inner social circle. You only have so much energy to go around, and the people that are tried and true deserve the best of you. Make plans for romance, but be flexible; sometimes changes happen for a reason


Your inner child may need an extra hug right now, but you may have to be your own support system. Practice self-nurturance this week and your light will grow. Be calm and don’t panic if your lover seems aloof and distant. They just need space and they will find their way back to you soon enough


Play it safe when it comes to gambling of any kind. You may feel lucky, but don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. A soft touch is better when it comes to pursuing a new love; you can come on strong later on


Someone may not have recognized the sacrifices you’ve made for them, but give them a second chance anyway. Make your true intentions known and they will respond in kind. Play ball with your coworkers for now even if you don’t agree with them for now; your time at bat will come and you will control the field


The ball is in your court when it comes to love someone is waiting for you to make a decision. Think carefully and be fair; the results can be better than you ever dreamed. Don’t take garbage from coworkers this week; if you do they will never stop


You have to behave yourself at this time, but it’s for your own good. Discipline now, will help you make it big in the future. Be patient in love, and honor yourself; the rough patch you are going through will set the stage for a smooth ride down the road


Your situation is not as dire as it seems; it’s just that instant gratification is not in your best interest at this time. Patience and hard work will bring sweet rewards. An ex lover may be a source of moral support, but don’t expect anything else at this time, they just don’t have it at this time


You can’t go wrong by listening to your gut instincts, no other source of wisdom is needed, what you know is enough. Love can blossom in the strangest of places right now; don’t overlook your feelings just because the décor isn’t up to your standards


The yucky feelings bubbling up inside of you are just a way to purge them from your system; suppressing them will not serve you and will only prolong stress and can add to sickness. A surprise visit from an old friend will let you know that the future is bright, so delay any plans so you can enjoy the good vibes your pal brings. Check old accounts; you may find money you totally forgot about


Don’t bother giving to anyone or anything that doesn’t serve your best interest right now. You have a soft heart, but use that strong mind of yours to keep it pure. Resist the temptation to meddle in anyone else’s affairs; it will only bring you trouble. Just give your best advice one on one and you will be amazed at how effective you are


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