Weekly Horoscopes for January 9-15, 2017


Make this a week to remember by letting all the people in your life know that you love them. We can forget sometimes who really matters. You will see them all come alive. Make plans for the weekend with your love partner it’s time to get back in focus.


Stay around longer than usual when visiting friends and relatives; the extra time and hugs will do you good.  Keep a close eye on your spending this week; it would be easy to get out control with all the shiny objects in your path right no.


Play by the rules when it comes to work and school activities; this is a time to respect boundaries, and you may make a good impression on authority figures. Be sure of what you want in romantic relationships because promises made now may be hard to take back later.


Be mindful of the more sensitive people in your life this week, it will be easy to hurt someone’s feeling without meaning harm, especially at work. A romantic dinner can turn sour if you let jealousy get the best of you. Be patient and you feel better in the morning.


Climb the corporate ladder, but make time to roll around in bed with your lover or crawl on the floor with your kids. Your private time should be just as important to you. Your health may be at risk if you ignore symptoms; see your doctor even if you have minor symptoms.


Your sense of timing couldn’t be better when it comes to career prospects; being at the right place at the right time, even if by accident, can pay off big. If you are considering a move you should think twice about co-habitating too soon with your lover; it’s okay to make plans for the future, but not time to buy his and her towels.


If you are shopping, make sure that you take a list and fabric samples with you to avoid unnecessary purchases. If you know what you want and need you can’t go wrong. Make an effort to get along with in-laws so that you don’t get into a tiff with your lover; they really love their family and you need to respect that


A new circle of friends can give you a boost, but be sure to give thought to the old ones too who may be missing you dearly. An old income stream can bring new revenue if you update it; do what you did when you were flush with a new twist and get the money rolling in. Be patient in love, the answers will arise if you don’t push


A chance to learn a new skill will help you climb out of your financial bind, so have a good attitude and thank your teachers. Pleasing others won’t be enough to satisfy your heart so when choosing your next significant other make sure it’s all about what you want and no one else


Your spiritual side may be in need of a tune up; make time to get together with others who share your beliefs and you will feel better all around. A discounted item will not turn out to be a bargain if it isn’t exactly what you need so spend the extra now to avoid problems later


Making plans will not help you avoid detours and miscommunications this week, so go with the flow and you may be led to a better place. Seek deeper meaning in your work choices at this time; fast cash can fill your pockets quicker but won’t fulfill your soul. An old flame can start to flicker again, but be cautious of getting burned again by going slow


A fresh face may give you the quivers, but be sure you want to leave your current love first. You may not get a second chance. Be first in line for an upcoming promotion, you want to get a jump on the competition


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