2017- What to Expect This Year

These horoscopes are based on your sun sign. Reading the horoscope for your moon and ascendant sign as well will give you a clearer picture but nothing can take the place of a detailed reading of your whole chart by a trusted astrologer.


Freedom is the key word for you in 2017. Freedom does come with responsibility, but you are no stranger to that. Living amongst others, and respecting the social order can feel stifling sometimes, but you get to make your own choices. You may start your own business this year and you can pull it off with hard work. It won’t be easy and you will have to deal with the haters, but just push through and it will be worth it.

When it comes to love, it may be bumpy, though rewarding. You may have to fight for love, but you are a warrior and will learn more about your strengths this year. Be willing to cooperate and wait for your partner and you will be victorious.


Business may be tough if you wear a corporate mask this year, so do what you must for the sake of employment, but let your humanity shine through. You can be the example that facilitates change in your company. We all have rules to follow, but you can still do it and show your heart at the same time.

In romance you may have to give in a little to your partner, the transits this year can make it difficult to be flexible with emotions. Be brave enough to be vulnerable even when you would rather be stubborn and you will get the commitment that you crave.


You will want to expand your social circle this year, but be wise in your choices about whom you trust. Not everyone is right for you, and you need to save your energy for the people that you know you can depend on in your life. This extends to your job situation as well, as you may want to socialize and be part of the company team, but you have to think about what that may cost you in terms of energy. You can be a team member without giving all of yourself away.

You may find deeper meaning in your love life by being spiritual with your partner if attached in 2017. If you are single, look to those that share your values to find the partnership that works for you. Superficial appearances will not bring you lasting happiness, so look beneath the surface and you can’t go wrong.


Family karma may be an issue this year; you can love your relatives but still have your own values. It may be up to you to start new family traditions that actually empower everyone in your clan and end the ones that aren’t serving anyone.

Finances and work issues will look up if you give up any guilt issues you have about being successful. You can’t please everyone, so make pleasing yourself a priority and watch the magic happen.

Your love life can suffer if you give more than you are getting. You will find partnerships that offer equality if you are willing to make changes. There is no shortage of admirers this year, but you must find the ones that offer balance.


You may be staying up later than usual this year working, and that can bring financial and career rewards, but can take a toll on your health and relationships.  Make time management and self-care your priorities to make the most of the amazing energy in your life.

Love is all around you, and that is not just a so lyric or cliché this year. What you seek in a relationship may already exist between you and your partner or your best shot at true love may be someone that you are overlooking in your life.


That second chance at love you’ve been dreaming about can materialize as long as you are sincere and make the necessary effort. Leave old baggage by the front door on your way to better things; the more you unload from the past, the more strength you will have to carry new treasures.

You may need to depend on others for support in your living situation this year, so try to get along as best you can. Sharing space may not be easy, but necessary for now.

Financial prospects will look up if you take the initiative to be your own boss on a side project. You have the time and the know-how so start small and watch it grow.


You may need to take some extra time to think about any new business or romantic partnerships you get involved with this year. Any contracts that you make now may be difficult to get out of later. Standing on your own is not a bad thing when you get to make your own choices.

Save your money for investments, but don’t tell anyone about them; let these little seeds be your own secret and watch them grow. You can always share later when the dividends come in.


Save your energy for what and who really matter to you this year; trying to impress others will only drain your wallet and life force. There are people who genuinely care about you, so focus on the relationships that offer a true exchange of energy.

Your money will grow, but so will your debts if you make unwise decisions. Save for now, next year will be the time to splurge, but you can make your wish list now- dreaming is free.

Unexpected changes in your love life may have you dizzy and undecided, so don’t rush in or out of anything until you know what your heart really wants.


Stay on your current life path a little longer even though you may be out of your comfort zone. The trials you are facing and have already overcome are preparing you for the best life has to offer you later this year and into 2018. It may feel like nothing will change, but those burdens weighing you down will give you the muscle to do whatever you choose later.

Love is not so far away, but it may not look the way you thought it would. You may be blind to real relationship potential in your midst. Go with your instincts, the frog on your right may reveal himself to be a prince tomorrow.


Save any extra time you have for yourself this year; you have been there for so many others in the past so you need an energy recharge. You can share with someone special you meet mid-march as they will give you back what you’ve been missing.

Career prospects are great if you can handle the problems caused by elder coworkers holding you back. You may have to buck tradition a little and that’s fine as long as you are as respectful as possible.

Investments are likely to grow, but you must allow them to mature. Don’t be tempted to pull out of good prospects for the sake of quick cash.


Romance will come, but it won’t be puppy love; mature relationships will be what you are dealing with this year. That takes two like-minded adults, so you may take the lead in acting like a grown up to get where you want with your partner

Be mindful when mixing business and pleasure this year, though it may be difficult. Make sure that if you do you test your partner carefully so that true trust develops between you.

You could land in hot water if you get involved with the wrong group this year. Any shady deals could cost you a lot; align with the light and watch everything get better. Drop anything or anyone that can leave a dark stain on your permanent record.


You may have to deal with a few consequences from mistakes made last year while following the group. This year listen to your own intuition and stand on your own apart from the crowd.

You may fall head over heels for someone new even if you are already attached. The transition from old to new won’t be as painful as you think.


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