Weelkly Horosopes for February -12, 2017

If you want your current relationship to last it is very important that you don’t allow temptation to enter your mind. Now that Venus has entered your sun sign it may be very hard for you not to notice all of the stares you get from others. Allow the attention to feed your ego, but keep your body and heart pure. Stay strong, but silent, when your boss goes ballistic this week. It’s not personal, and it will blow over quickly; the guilt they feel may even get you closer to the promotion you want even faster
Your current financial situation won’t stay dire for long if you listen to your people and use some of your talents. You have untapped gifts that can bring you money, so believe in yourself and get to work. Your lover needs to know how you really feel even if you believe they already know; write a hand written letter to give them what they need
There as never been a better time than now to get your own business up and running. You have the knowledge, contacts and leads, so all you need to do is get to work. Your friends and family will support you in your endeavors. A jealous ex-lover may ruin your plans with a potential new lover; make your first few dates out of town until things calm down
Stay close to home this week so you will feel secure; this is not the week to travel. A sudden case of home sickness can ruin romantic plans, so eat-in and spend a cozy time with your loved one on the couch or in bed. Make a new start with troublesome co-workers by being as kind as possible; that way you look like the good guy and it will drive your colleague crazy
Double check the background of anyone you reveal your business plans to this week. Loose lipped or unqualified people can make a mess out of your goals. Stay in touch with your lover even if you need some space from them; someone else could scoop them up while you take a break
Say goodbye to the old ways of handling your finances. You need to change now that you have more income on the way; hire an accountant  if you are unsure how to proceed. Be nice to neighbors; they may have something to tell you that you really need to know
A break in your work schedule should be used to relax and unwind, so don’t make a chore chart until you’ve had a good nap. Say hello to a new friend of a friend that just happens to be single, just don’t jump in with two feet until you are sure of your feelings
Stay in tune with your instincts this week, and only believe half of what you hear. You may not know anything, but you will “understand” if you tap into your inner knowing. You can feel the heat between you and someone who has been trying to catch your eye, so why not explore the possibilities; open up just enough so they can reach you
A long time ago you made a promise to a friend and now they will want you to deliver. It wont be that bad, and there is a bonus in it for you, so do your best and honor their request. Don’t feel left out when a friend takes a trip without you; they just need some alone time and will catch up with you soon
Stay true to you this week and not tradition. Important decisions should not be made hastily or with old fashioned ideas in mind. Your next life path depends on your wants and needs so don’t compromise. An ex lover wants a reunion, but think carefully before responding; another break up with this person could be more painful than the last
No one can give you what you need unless they know what that is; so express yourself so the others in your life can deliver.  Keep a close eye on your health this week; little things can add if you don’t address them now. An old flame needs a favor, but it could turn into a whole lot more if you want it
You have a choice between your conscience and your partner’s approval; go with what you feel is right. You will only end up hurting yourself and resenting your lover later. A nasty comment from a friend isn’t personal, but still could sting if you let it get to you. Just steer clear of them for a while and it will blow over


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