Weekly Horoscopes for August 29- September 4, 2016

Make this a great week by not allowing the small stuff to get to you. Some of the more bothersome people in your life may want your energy to further their own ends, but you have things to do and can’t spare your precious life force- just say no! Be careful with delicate laundry-check the labels twice

If you are running late, and feeling a little less than a superstar, it’s ok. This week it is your turn to be less than perfect. You cover everyone else’s bases all the time so give yourself a beak is you are a little bit slower or less precise than usual. Be fair with siblings in financial matters; you’ll need their support later

Make a plan and stick to it; romantic distractions can be fun but you must keep your financial and career goals in sight. There are opportunities in your midst right now that won’t last so keep your eyes on the prize so that you don’t miss out. Your sweetheart will understand if you have to postpone a date in order to advance yourself. You can always find a way to make it up to them later with something special

Be honest in your answers when you get the chance to speak your mind this week without fear of reprisals at work. Others are counting on you to set the record straight so that everyone can go the way of progress again, identify the problem spots on the job so they can be addressed you may be in line for a big promotion

Don’t be possessive over your lover’s work friendships. You know that you are the only one that your partner wants, so why do you feel so territorial? Let them have that little space in their life since they devote so much to you. Check with your bank to see if there is a benefit that you can use to save some of your hard earned money

Play it cool when an ex lover comes walking back into your life. Just know that they have no idea what your feelings are so you will have to find a way to let them know. Direct communication is best, especially since it’s been so long since you have communicated with them. Make the best out of a family outing; relatives can be annoying but you need them more than you know

Jump right in and get to work when you see a friend in need this week. Someone in your immediate environment needs your help to succeed, and if they succeed it will be a benefit to you in the long run.  If you need to have a special talk with someone in your life, try a nice dinner outing so that you don’t feel like you are all alone during your big speech

Don’t be late to the party, don’t take invitations for granted, there is a reason that these connections are being made right now. Circumstances turn around quickly and people that you were afraid of a few months ago are now at your mercy. Prove how fair you are do the right thing, but don’t give them the ability to harm you again. Bank that unexpected bonus or dividend before anyone else know you have it

Get a jump on the competition when you see something or someone you want. If you don’t show enough enthusiasm towards a person or situation, it may not be there tomorrow, so act fast. Give extra thought o any major purchases. Can you wait a few weeks, months until you can get a better price? If so, save your pennies, so you have a financial cushion to give you confidence

Make room for a new family member or in-law. You don’t really have any choice in the matter, but you should try to make the best of it. Just makes sure that you don’t allow the new addition t the family to take your spot at the table. Try something new in the bedroom before giving up on your current love; maybe a little spice is all that is needed

You may want to run and hide because you are feeling so confused, but you have to keep going and investigate what is going on. Opportunities that you thought had expired will resurrect themselves, and while the choices are all good they may be overwhelming and unexpected. This bounce back in energy, thanks to mercury retrograde, can also bring back ex lovers so be prepared


Don’t base your opinion on a community matter on hearsay. If something is important to you then you should research it very carefully and get all of the facts so that you don’t have any regrets later.  An ex lover may need your help getting out of trouble. Consider the impact on your current relationship before getting involved


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