Weekly Horoscopes for July 4-10, 2016

You can feel the electricity in the air, and even though you deserve to break free from the grind, its best to wait until next week to make any moves towards the achievements and relationships that you desire. It’s better to study your target so you are sure not to miss next week. Take what co-workers say with a grain of salt; you have them running scared and they will try to intimidate you and knock you off balance if possible

It’s best to stand on the sidelines this week and let others take the lead when it comes to important business projects. Your input will be appreciated, but you will fare better if you pick where everyone else leaves off next week when all of their energy is exhausted.  Your love life will get a pickup in energy; just try not to exhaust yourself in the bedroom so that you can keep up steady stamina

Your regular on-the-go routine may have to be on standby this week as you will need to attend to matters around the home. Your love interest or family may need some nurturing and your domestic talents may surprise you. Keep any gossip to yourself this week as the walls have ears; just try to focus on the fact that you know something that no one else does

Play it safe at home this week this is no time to throw wild parties or to invite any irresponsible friends and family to stay with you. You can however have a wonderful dinner party for trusted friends, just don’t allow anyone to crash on the couch. Make the most of an invitation to a celebration dinner and ask that special person if they would like to come along; they won’t be able to resist

Your usual pickup lines will not work at this time; try a more humble approach and you can dazzle them later on. Make plans with family members if possible. You really need to be around people whom you can trust and relate to. Just try to remember that they are the glue that keeps you together

It may be difficult to stay organized this week as the constant influx of new business can get deep very quickly. If you feel like you are in over your head, just ask for help. Your loved ones are on standby to assist you with a smile. Make plans to be alone with your lover over the next weekend if possible; it will be a good time to reconnect

Let bygones be bygones this week, as you will soon see that the people you resent know that they were in the wrong and are ripe to make amends. You won’t find anyone more loyal than someone who really means to make the past up to you. Quit holding on to a friendship that has outworn its usefulness so that you can make room for new people that will treat you better and definitely have more in common with you

You can’t believe your eyes and ears as you finally get some of the answers you have been waiting for. A casual conversation will bring true enlightenment if you do more listening than talking. The light will come back to your eyes when you realize how loved you really are. Give yourself a treat for a job well done this week; just resist that little voice in your head that tells you that you shouldn’t enjoy it so much

A bold move in love will pay off if you do it in stages rather than all in one fell swoop. Your intensity will be appreciated, but your lover may not have the stamina that you do so be gentle if you can. A coworker may not be a team player this week, so try not to rely on any slackers or you will miss your target

Your star is rising but it will take a lot more than just basking in the glory to keep you up in the sky. Try not to rest on your laurels right now, even though you have accomplished a lot. You still have more work to do and you can relax soon enough. No one knows your heart better than you do, so it’s okay to ask a trusted friend for advice but you should honor your own instincts in order to get it right

Make plans to get back in focus with the others in your life, even if that means eating a little crow right now. You need your team, even though you are doing fine on your own, you could do even better if you accept a little help with the details. Love decisions need patience at this time; gather all information before getting into something that is hard to release yourself from later on


This week allow your imagination to work overtime, even if that means you get a few sideways glances form the others in your life. You can see what it is that you desire more clearly than ever so don’t allow it to slip by. Be mindful of using other peoples’ property irresponsibly; it’s not that you are sloppy it’s just that the owner may have very strict standards that you don’t want to violate


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