Weekly Horoscopes for September 5-11, 2016

Unexpected guests can be a real problem if you are not prepared. Make sure you have whatever you need to accommodate the visitors so that the important reason for their visit isn’t lost in confusion. Make plans for some alone time with your partner so that you can catch up with each other

Communications with family may be a little wobbly today as the week progresses. It may be difficult to understand the messages they are trying convey because there is an emotional component to that is not obvious. Do your best to be supportive. A cash windfall will get you back on track; just try to resist the temptation to buy something that you really don’t need at the moment

Give an extra thought when sending birthday wishes to family and friends. You can sometimes lose touch with others and these special moments will go a long way in keeping your connections strong. Be wary of anyone offering anything that is too good to be true; this week the decepticons are out in full force and trying to get to your wallet

A major milestone in your family life will end a chapter of hard times. You may feel reluctant to let go of someone or something that you know needs to go because you are so familiar with it or them. Be strong and do what you know must be done. Be willing to accept invitations; there will be something new and good to replace whatever is leaving your life

The majority of the time you are just happy to go along with the group, but this week you may feel a very independent and want to strike out on your own. Don’t let guilt get to you and go after what you want. The people that love you will be thrilled with the changes, so there is nothing to fear. Be aware that you may need to do a little more to make your partner feel special at this time; it will be worth it

There are a lot temptations surrounding you so try to stay on the side of justice and what is right, even if it is tempting to use your good luck to get away with something right now. Some of the more unsavory people in your life may be trying to manipulate you so try to stay strong in your conscience. A romantic gesture from an attractive person will put a spring in your step this week

Compromise is your thing but you may have some trouble with it this week when pushy people try to get you to let down your guard. You have the right to your feelings and can make your own decisions. Be kind to those in need right now, you have the power to bring them back to life with just a few kind words and a smile

Be smart and try to not to let distractions get to you this week. Your emotions could get the better of you while there are changes to your family and social circles. Unexpected endings will be surprising but delightful when you realize that the space is being created for something and someone better to come along. Make time for yourself by journaling this week. You can discover a lot through your own thoughts

Be mindful of keeping track of important documents and personal letters this week. It is very easy under this Mercury retrograde to lose papers and files. Your home life may be a little rough this week as roommates and partners may be very critical of you; try to ignore their cranky attitude and just be yourself

Making a new start may be easier than you think, but you have to have a positive attitude about it or it will not work. A new love interest or job promotion will get your confidence back, but you have to let go of the negative feelings from the past. Give your parents and grandparents some extra thought this week; they’ve taught you a lot, but you could always learn more

Be sure that you really want to leave a person or situation before making any major moves. Right now your social circle is upholding you, but some changes throughout the week may leave you with less support and you may need the energies you are trying to leave


 A small gift from your partner will out to rest any suspicions you have about your feelings. Pay attention to your own behavior this week before you point the finger at anyone else. It’s not that you aren’t correct when you point out someone else’s shortcomings; it’s just that you may be overlooking your own


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