Questions for the Full Moon in Pisces/Eclipse September 16, 2016

This full moon/eclipse may show us what we need to let go of in our lives. What are we holding on to that is bringing negativity and stagnation? The Virgo sun has been showing us where we are impractical or doing something that is not in our own best interests. The Pisces moon will highlight where we are too hard on ourselves and need to bring compassion into our hearts.

 Here are a few questions to meditate on based on how this lands in your personal natal chart as to how this energy will play out by house and sign:

1st/Aries- Are you pulling off an act or being authentic in the way you come across to others? Are you attracting from the opposite seventh house (partners and others) the kind of relationships you want to have?

 Are your possessions holding you back? Do you have too much or too little? Whom or what are you dependent on for your sense of self esteem and sense of personal security?

Is your mind clear, or are you being fed misinformation or made ill by toxins and pathogens in your day to day understanding of the world? Is your environment, or the people in it, deceiving you?

Do you feel secure in your current dwelling/living situation?

Do you have a good (loving/playful) relationship with your lover and/or your children?

Are you attending to your basic health needs? Is your job taking a toll on your health?

Are the relationships in your life healthy and balanced?

Are you living off someone else’s resources or waiting for an inheritance that may not be healthy for you?

How do you really feel about your level of higher education? Are you satisfied with your current spiritual practice or in need of one?

Are you happy with your social and professional status and reputation?

Are you involved with the right causes and interests? Are you truly invested in your social groups?


Have you been procrastinating about cleaning up the messes in your life? Where may you be sabotaging yourself?


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