Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Aries October 15, 2016

The full moon is the fullest expression of lunar energies; it signifies the need to release what no longer is nurturing us. The abundance of emotional energies impact us in the most intimate of ways in our personal lives.  In the horoscope the moon represents mother, families, house and home, sleeping, eating, feeling. This full moon in Aries is what I would describe as loaded, like a weapon; it’s got a lot of tension held behind it and powerful placements from other planets, especially Uranus which represents “awakenings”, but also unforeseen upsets, shocking incidents and separations. So we may see the truth about our lives play out over this weekend. What exactly are we doing for ourselves and for others and is the balance working?

There is the chance with these particular energies to balance between what “I want” and “I am” of the full moon and Uranus in Aries, and the “we want” and “we are” energies from Mercury and Jupiter in Libra in opposition. Aries is the first sign of the natural zodiac and represents our life force bursting forth into the world and is the home sign of Mars the “me” energy in our natal charts (currently being difficult in the sign of Capricorn and playing not so nice with Pluto right now). Libra represents the seventh sign of the natural zodiac and is stands for the “others” in our lives and how we relate to them.

We may feel a little out of control with the moon rubbing up against Uranus, the erratic and unusual being the order of the day. We may want to rebel or break out against whatever circumstances hold us back from showing our true selves. This will upset many relationships, but for many this is a chance to reconcile and release any tensions in partnerships, especially those surrounding home and family. When we are dealing with the most sensitive areas and relationships in our lives the energy can be intense. What we need and want from others needs to be balanced with what they want and need from us and if that balance cannot be struck it will be time for major changes.

This energy is not all bad, it will identify whom and where we are giving and receiving our energy to and get a look at the cosmic balance sheet to see if we are getting/ giving what is deserved. This can be very positive when the social mask comes off and we deal with the truths in our lives. This gives us the chance to rearrange what isn’t working and to get “unstuck” out of any circumstances holding us back from doing our very best for ourselves and others, but for those who like to be in control this full moon may be somewhat uncomfortable because there is no way to tell where the pieces will land after this lunation.

Aries- You may feel that you are being stifled in some are of your life by those that depend on you. It is important that you are honest without being bombastic. Sometimes you are so dynamic that you get burdened with the things that others cannot handle and after a while that weight becomes too much for you to carry and still be your own person, Set compassionate boundaries with this full moon

Taurus- Your need for comfort and security may be challenged at this time. The stable conditions that you enjoy may be upset; the good news is that you can use this time to release any control issues leaving you with a lot more energy for your physical health

Gemini-You may have to take a step back and figure out which relationships are most important to you. Sometimes you can attract others with superficial energies that don’t nurture your spirit; try to release anyone or anything that is not meaningful so that you can focus on what and whom matters most

Cancer-You may want to stay home and block out the world, but instead of isolating yourself you should confront those that make you want to hide in the first place. Face the challenges that keep you pushing others away by telling them to back off so that you can have more space in your life

Leo- The challenge is to let your truest feelings be known, but that can make you feel a little vulnerable which no one really likes, but it is necessary at this time to sort out all of the energies in your heart and mind. Release the blockages (people, memories, etc.) that keep you from loving the way you want

Virgo- Try not to be too critical of others at this time, it is important that you speak your truth, but you may need to realize that some of the issues that bother you just aren’t important to the people in your life. Compromise will go a long way to getting you into a healthier and steadier place with your loved ones

Libra- You may try to keep the peace no matter what right now, but that would not allow you to get the truth about your relationships on the table. Try to negotiate with your loved ones instead of forcing false harmony. You will feel better when you express what you want for a change

Scorpio- You may just feel like hiding this weekend, the emotionally charged full moon will bring out a lot of unpleasant truths about yourself and the important people in your life. The trick is not to react immediately and let the answers you finally get sit for a while before you address them. You may realize that there are too many people trying to control your energy and that you have to create stronger boundaries

Sagittarius- The heavy energies that have you held down with responsibility to others may finally be too much for and your usual free-spirit energy needs some freedom. This is a great time to ask for help with your family burdens; you’ve been carrying too much on your own

Capricorn- You may not feel like making any changes or compromising right now, some of your sensibilities may be challenged by the desire for freedom that you encounter with the others in your life. If you loosen your grip, anyone or anything that is really yours will stay with you and you can release some of your control issues leaving you happier and healthier

Aquarius-Uranus, ruled by your sign, is very prominent during this full moon. You are used to the unusual and unexpected, so even though you will be impacted like everyone else, this energy is not unknown to you so you have the ability to use it to your advantage. As long as you don’t try to control the outcomes over the next few days you will be come out of this full moon phase much lighter and less burdened than before

Pisces- Try to resist the temptation to make peace between quarrelling parties. It is important that others get their issues on the table, so trying to make light of someone’s complaints or downplaying anyone’s feelings will not get you anywhere. Give up on keeping the peace and focus on what you are missing and want and need. You will have the ability to create important art at this time


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