Weekly Horoscopes for October 24-30, 2016

An intense argument with a close friend or lover may be hurtful at first, but it is the key to awakening. After the dust settles, a new understanding between you will bring you closer than ever. Be wary of any deals that “seem too good to be true” because they probably are and you don’t want to get involved

If you’ve been a little confused as to whom to trust lately, you won’t have to wonder for long. You will see this week who has your back and who doesn’t and you will be able to make the necessary adjustments in your life so that you will feel secure again. Give an extra dollar or two to a good cause at this time; don’t think of it as charity, think of it as an investment in the world around you

You may feel speechless this week when overcome by emotions of the past. It’s times to clean out all of the pipes that have been clogged for far too long. Memories and people from the past will float to the surface. While uncomfortable at first, the release will be amazing. Use discretion when it comes to reunions, just because someone makes you feel sentimental about the past doesn’t mean they are good for your future

The intensity in the air may be a little difficult to handle right now, and you may have few good crying jags this week, but once you realize the value of change you will be delighted. Re-arrangements in your family and living situations can be upsetting but they are ultimately for the best. Try to release control and see what happens. This is a good time to make investments- your intuition is strong

If you feel that someone in your inner circle is zapping your strength, now is the time to make the necessary cuts. You need people that keep your fire lit, so be kind, but firm with the energy thieves in your life. A new phase in your relationship may help you turn a corner towards a more serious relationship

Believe in yourself and you won’t have any problems when you get an opportunity to show your skills. Important people in your life are watching and they have the ability to give you the boost you need to get noticed in your career. Make plans with your sweetheart and promise them a nice time next week if you can’t meet their romantic needs right now, they just need to know that you are thinking of them

Being yourself is always the best option, so if anyone tells you that you should act or relate to others in a different way, ignore their advice; you know best. Terminating a friendship with an ex-lover may be difficult if you have led them on in any way; be gentle, but make your boundaries clear

Place your trust in yourself right now; this is not the time to let anyone else’s judgment get in the way of important decisions. You can accept help and listen to advice, but if you are waiting for someone to choose for you it may not work out in the long run. Be wise when choosing new friends; not everyone is whom they pretend to be

The pressures of life are bearing down, but there is light ahead! Major transitions in family life can be challenging but they are also rewarding if you see the value of the lessons involved.  Expect that exes may have an overwhelming need to bother you right now; let it go voice mail when they call

Making big decisions is as simple as changing your mind; you don’t have to change your entire life, just the pieces that don’t fit. A new person will let you explore that energy deeper if you refrain from old bad relationship habits. Be bold with your ideas at work; you may not have the chance to present them again anytime soon

Making your life easier is as simple as discarding the parts that aren’t working. The energies that cause you anxiety will be easy to overcome this week if you believe in your own strength. Mixing business and pleasure is not as advised at this time but it may not be avoidable as the people in you deal with just happen to be sexy. Try to strike a balance and draw boundaries as needed

There are no limits to what you can accomplish if you listen to your inner voice and the social collective. You know what you need to know so follow your own thoughts. Be sensitive to the feelings of your romantic partner as they are not always apparent to you. An extra hug or hand written note


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