Weekly Horoscopes for October 31-November 6, 2016

Mark your territory this week in love and business. There are unfamiliar faces breezing through right now and you want to let everyone know that you are in charge of your own space and won’t allow anyone to interfere in your relationships. An interview or contest will go well if you relax and be yourself

Kicking bad habits is the key to finding more time and energy in your life. Those dollars add up for the double lattes and lottery tickets; create the space you need for your own serenity. Pay special attention to work relationships this week; you will need these people so try to treat everyone fairly

Stay your course for now, you may be regretting some risks you took in the past, but give them proper time to develop before changing plans in your career. Mark your calendar to spend some quality time with your romantic partner; it’s time to put them in focus for a while

Booking travel plans now may be a problem if you don’t check the weather first. Make sure that your trip is practical before laying down any deposits. A romantic gesture from a good looking stranger may make you feel good, just don’t let it get you in trouble with your current partner unless you are sure that you are ready to make a change

Look twice when checking on your daily schedules; it would be easy to get confused or forget something or someone important if you are not focused. A reunion with an old friend can bring a lot of nostalgia, but be sure you have room in your life before you bring back all of your blasts from the past

Make plans to get together with all of the people that you have been neglecting due to your busy schedule. You may need these folks soon, so keep the connections going. An ex co-worker may finally tell you about their secret crush on you; you may be shocked, but also pleased

Be simple, yet direct in your dealings with others this week. You have a lot to do on your own, friends may insist on demanding your help with their problems. Be open when it comes to romantic invitations, but don’t go along with someone else’s plans just to be nice

Keep your thoughts to yourself for now; you never know who may be listening to what you have to say. So if you can’t say silent, at least try to be kind with your words. New financial prospects are on the horizon, just try to be realistic about how much you can reasonably handle at this time

Patience is the key right now as it may be very hard to wait for the good things you are in your sight. Let the processes unfold a step at a time and you will be delighted. Make sure you have your winning smile ready when the right person comes along; you never know what could happen

Be steady and committed when it comes to career right now; this is not the time to take unnecessary risks because you are so close to your goal. Be wise when choosing new partners in love and business; there are a lot of opportunities but make sure you are looking at the big picture and thinking about the long haul

Try to play nicely with others at work this week. You may need your coworkers support for a new project soon and a little social finesse will go a long way. You may feel both attracted and repelled by an old lover who wants to be back in your life, so think carefully before giving them the green light to your heart

Take time to rest and pay attention to your dreams they may have important information about your waking world. Your intuition may be stuck due to exhaustion so give yourself a break and just dream for a while. Be sure to keep promises to your sweetheart right now; they need to know that they can trust you even with the little things


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