Weekly Horoscopes for October 17-23, 2016

A short trip may be exactly what you need this week; try to bring along someone that you are trying to get to know. This is a great time to get closer to someone whether it is platonic or romantic in nature. Be wary of any investment opportunities presented by family members. Even if it is good idea, its never a good idea to mix money with your relatives

You are feeling stronger and more confident right now so use this energy to make a move in your social life.  You can get invited to those great weekend parties if you step up and let yourself be known. Stay alert for any strange charges or mistakes on your credit card. If you catch it in time there will be no problem

You may be happy to hear from an old friend this week, but stop and remember why you haven’t talked to them in so long. Make sure you put up some boundaries so the same old situation doesn’t recur. Make a list of all of the things that you need to fix or replace in your home. If you are prepared it will be easy to get these errands done

You may feel caught in the middle of family situations right now and just want to run and hide, but it’s just not that simple. You are the only one that makes any sense out of this so try to be a peacemaker. Don’t be surprised if you romantic partner is a little more possessive of you than usual; they may be feeling insecure so do what you can to reassure them

Your skills are in demand and you have to decide between two different business project options; choose the one that gives you the most pleasure and you can’t go wrong. Be careful when making impulse purchases; be sure that whatever you buy right now is returnable

Sharing with friends is usually a good idea, but you may want to rethink that position this week. Others may take advantage of your generosity leaving you with less than you need. Keep what you have to yourself for now. If you had to tell a fib to get out of a tight spot you may have to confess, but it will be okay, just be honest and it may even bring you closer

Your main relationships are going through a period of transformation. That means that some of them will be unrecognizable soon, and that is good news as long as you are part of the process. You can get what you want from the people in your life as long as you play fair. Stick to your usual restaurants and cafes for now, this is not the time to be adventurous when it comes to food

You may get the answers you seek this week, but you may not the room or energy to act on that knowledge. You will know that things are going to change for the better but it’s just not there yet so try to find a productive way to use your time so that the frustration doesn’t get to you.  Be mindful of coming on too strong this week. Your ruling planets (Pluto and Mars) are joining up and it will be difficult to have a light touch

Be wary of strangers who offer candy or any other type of goody this week. You may attract strange characters this week so stay close to your usual hang out spots. Family issues will weigh heavily but if you think outside the box you can alleviate a lot of pressure. Ask friends and neighbors for help relatives when you are not around

It may be difficult to choose between romantic opportunities so go with the one that looks like the kind of future you would like to have. Think long term and you can’t go wrong. Older coworkers and colleagues may not approve of some of your innovative ideas; just sit back and know they will get used to change once they see the value in it

You are in a great position to choose the lifestyle you want, but you have to let go of old ideas and traditions that hold you back. Let go of family legacies and be your best. A friend may want to get closer to your lover than you think is appropriate; go ahead and drop the friend, you don’t need the drama

Be sure that you really want to continue your current living situation; you have chance to change it if you want but you must do it soon. Whatever it is that drives you crazy when you come home has got to go. Be extra polite when dealing with the people you see during your everyday routine. They are your lifeline and need a little appreciation once in a while


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