Weekly Horoscopes for October 3- 9, 2016

Be calm in all of your dealings this week, especially at work. It is all too easy to say something that you might regret in a moment of frustration, and even though what you say may be true, the hard feelings it creates will not be worth it. You may feel like your romantic partner is shutting you out of their thoughts this week; they are just really tired and in need of some rest; use your nurturing skills to bring them back in balance

Competition and jealousy at work can make you want to stay in bed during this work week, but you can always take this drama as a huge compliment. You are the one to watch and the one to beat, so just try and enjoy your status in the office even if others can’t stand it. Be extra mindful with romantic communications; it’s very easy to misspeak and cause unnecessary drama

Be sure that you really want to get involved in the next fad that your social circle is into. It’s just that you should really save your money and energy for something that makes your heart sing instead of what may impress your friends. A long distance phone call from an ex will let you know that no matter where they go in the world they just can’t get over you

Bailing out on friendly plans may not seem like the way to start out a new relationship, but you have to think of your own needs first. If your new friend doesn’t understand that you can’t stretch yourself so thin then you should rethink making them a part of your life. Don’t spend money on anything that you can make yourself right now. Save for an item that you can’t create on your own

Believe that you have what it takes before saying no to an opportunity; if you doubt your abilities you may be shorting yourself. This period of confusion will be ending soon, so know that you will confidence will grow soon and you will be glad you took a risk. A romantic homemade dinner may be a better gift than an expensive present for your sweetheart so put on your apron and show them some love through your food

Be mindful of weather forecasts before making travel plans this week; being prepared for anything will ensure that you have a great time. Mark your calendar for any anniversaries coming up; if you forget an important birthday or occasion you could be in hot water with your significant other, so plan ahead

If anyone tries to persuade you to do something that you don’t believe is right and they don’t take no for an answer the first time, it’s time to say goodbye to them. You do not need emotional pressure from others and you should do what you must to create a safe place in your life where only your opinions matter. Wear something bold if you want to stand out to a new person; show what makes you different

The people that turned you away not so long ago suddenly can’t get enough of you these days. Create stronger boundaries even if it means that you have to be a little unpleasant so that you can avoid bigger problems later. Stay close to home so that you don’t miss anything important going on with loved ones right now. Someone close may be in trouble but have trouble communicating with you about it

You should be ready to make final decisions this week; plans that you have had in the works for a while will finally materialize, so be sure that you are ready to put them into practice. You may have a flurry of new admirers this week, but make sure that you are wise when you choose whom to bring into your life so that you repeat past mistakes

Be sure to get plenty of rest even thought that’s probably the last thing on your mind right now.  Your drive to succeed is admirable and your energy will bring you into contact with great people and opportunities, but none of it will mean anything if you are exhausted and sick. Make time for recreation because you are more likely to meet someone new while you are playing rather than when you are working

A new group of friends can bring business, as well as social and romantic opportunities, right to your front door this week, but you must remember your own patterns and resist the temptation to repeat them. Sometimes you can be afraid of connecting with others, so try to be open this time around. When you get some extra cash be sure to put some away for a later; it may be a while before unexpected money comes your way


You may feel caught between a rock and a hard place if you have played both sides in someone else’s power struggle. Disengage before you get swept up in someone else’s drama. A family member may want to visit at the very worst time possible; try to be accommodating, but let your boundaries be known before opening your door to anyone


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