Weekly Horoscopes for November 14-20, 2016

It’s going to take a lot of give and take in order to get along with in-laws at this time, but the rewards will be worth it in the end. You all love the same people even if you disagree about everything else. You good taste can be used to make extra income as a personal shopper or wardrobe specialists. You have the eye and the time and other people have the cash and the need for your skills.

The full moon in your sign will undoubtedly let you know in your gut exactly what you have been missing.  A strong feeling towards someone you left behind will give you the sense of direction you need to make the home you really want. It’s time to look over your financial portfolio and see what you have and use this time to expand your holdings

If someone tries to convince you that you don’t deserve some of the blessings in your life you should let that be the last thing they say to you. Jealous people may want you to feel guilty for your good fortune, but that is just a way of stealing your energy so don’t allow them to influence you. Borrowing money may tricky right now; the strings attached may not be worth the cash in the long run

If you are interested in marketing your skills or a new project or product, the time to do so in now! You have a lot more influence over others than you think so show everyone what you’ve got and let them know how they can get it- for a price! Don’t allow siblings or close friends to speak for you in a relationship dispute; you can handle your own business and have your own opinions to express

 Technology may offer the answer to an easier way of doing business, but allow machines to override the human touch. Allow your software or gadgets to keep your schedules and assist you in getting things done, but be sure that you don’t lose your people skills in the process. Be careful of the comments you make to your lover, even in jest; they are feeling extra sensitive right now and you could upset them more than you know

If you want to approach a possible love interest you will need to use a light touch this week. It won’t do much good to force your energy onto them; introduce yourself and let them get used to your energy and pretty soon they will find it hard to resist you. Make a shopping list when buying work inventory; that one little thing that you forget could hold up your whole project

Don’t make snap judgments about someone because of a social faux pas on their part; they are just learning the ropes and they can be a great asset to you in the future. Don’t be offended by their gaffe; realize they are just trying too hard to impress you. Make your investments now instead of waiting for the New Year. You will feel more secure if you get to it right away

The endings that are occurring in your life are all for the best and won’t hurt as much as you think. The pain was all in the past so a surge of relief may overtake you, even if you expect heartache. News of an inheritance may be expected, but the amount may surprise you, so be ready to make investments to keep you legacy safe

If you want support from others all you have to do is ask; but if you are demanding things from others you may find that no one has the energy or patience to give you what you need. Try to relax, and let the good fortune catch up to you instead of forcing issues. Make sure you don’t miss a potential romantic encounter by being in a hurry; if you see someone you like take the time to let them know that you are noticing them

Your business sense may lead you to a lucrative, though unusual new project. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong because your innovations are unusual, just trust your instincts and you can keep all the spoils to yourself. If you are unsure of a potential new love interest its best to lay low for a while. If something doesn’t feel right you don’t invest any more energy into the relationship

It is essential that you mark your territory when it comes to love and business. You have good taste, and everyone wants what you have, so you should be sure to protect it all with the force of your personality. Keep all of your work ideas to yourself until you are ready to present them to your partners or higher ups. You want your innovations to be a complete surprise for maximum impact


You will be motivated to clear up an unfortunate misunderstanding at work, but you may need to be strategic in your timing. Wait until the mood is more forgiving to state your case; if you force the issue you will only cause delays in clearing up the mess. A gift from your partner may seem simple, but the sentiment behind it is deep; tune into them and feel what they are trying to convey


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