Full moon in Taurus Monday November 14, 2016

The energy of the sun and moon are quite stable in this upcoming full moon, and somewhat quiet. This stillness of body (Taurus) and the psychic realms (Scorpio) give us a moment when physical reality stops and rests. While the other planets are very busy; the mind’s wanderings (Mercury in Sagittarius) have a chance to catch up to the truth. Venus in Capricorn is longing to know how to wisely invest (Capricorn) our hearts (Venus) and along with Pluto (passion). Jupiter in Libra wants to expand our horizons (Jupiter) through the power of partnerships (Libra).  So we have a lot to think, feel and express at this time. The feelings the Taurus Full Moon compel us to recognize may be a bit overwhelming in a quiet way. The sense of knowing that the body has will free our minds, so we may need to take some time out in solitude to adjust and get back in balance with ourselves.

This energy will let us know, definitely, whom and what we desire and what we don’t. This is where we make decisions that affect our lives, so we must all listen to those little whispers from our guides and the sensations that let us know something “in our bones”. Journaling can be a great tool at this time, to help us sort out our thoughts and release energies we don’t need.

Believing in our inner power and sense of knowing is the theme of this full moon; but whether or not we choose to use these gifts are up to us individually.


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