Seven Tips for Moving on From a Breakup

We all go through personal changes and those detours can lead to needing to change the people in our lives; and sometimes they feel that they need to change and decide that we are not what they want anymore. Either way it is painful to separate, but that doesn’t mean that life is over, its means it’s going to get better.

1.       Be grateful for the chance to improve your future. If something or someone is not right for us it drains our potential. Your best life is on the way, but give yourself time to recharge.

2.       Look forward to the next person coming into your life. After a few bad relationships we get to know ourselves and patterns better. Knowing who you are and how you deal with others will help you connect to right energy for this time in your life.

3.       Be grateful for your breath and realize that the stagnant energy you have been taking in will clear. Better breathing means better health so inhale the new and exhale the old.

4.       Clear your space of objects that remind you of your ex. Objects hold energy and releasing them will increase your energy. (We all have precious tokens of past loves that we don’t want to part with. Pack them away in a memory box, but keep them out of sight).

5.       Go back and find the people and things that you have lost since you started your previous relationship. Did you quit a hobby or a friend in favor of your relationship? Reconnect with made you feel good in the past.

6.       Pay attention to the signs that the Universe is sending you. If someone or something keeps showing up in your life and gives you good vibes you should investigate the possibilities, even if you think they/it are out of your reach.

7.       Tune in to your own spiritual guides and gut instincts; they will guide you to your next destination. Now that you are no longer absorbing negative energy your thoughts and feelings will be much clearer.

Good luck in your new life!


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